Annoying question, plays free track wont trig, i apologise - resolved


why can i not get a sample to play “plays free” ? i have to use a trigger on a pattern even though its set to play free. is this normal? if so it’s not really free

i have tried trig quantize direct, TR LEN and also 1/16 not that these settings should not allow it to play, i thought plays free just simply meant i could hit the trig and it plays.

ive checked the manual before posting obviously hence my confusion

FYI i’ve not used this function until today (weird after so long i know) while using static machines for the first time ever while working through a performance.

thanks all

did i misunderstand plays free?

I think plays free means that it plays the pattern free from the master sequencer. You still have to plug in a pattern.

I THINK that’s what it means. I haven’t really explored it, sadly

no that’s exactly right :frowning: , i am perhaps looking for SLOTS mode where i can just trigger the sample when i wish

edit: that’s the answer for me yes i just checked BOOM :slight_smile:

the trig in plays free is required but it wont play until you actually hit the TRIG button related to the machine/track you desire to be plays free, its there at all times but disconnected from the sequencer

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That’s not exactly it. The plays free mode is used to trig the whole pattern on a disconnected track. The other 8 trig buttons trig the samples assigned to the tracks (just once, not in a pattern)

Glad you found slots mode anyway! :thup:

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Off topic but reminds me of something I still haven’t got round to trying on OT…What’s the setting where you can switch patterns immediately during play, and the pattern play not from its start, but from the current step? Like on Volca sample for example. Sorry for derailing, thread seems resolved tho :wink:

I don’t think you’re able to do that on the OT? I think that’s only on their Analog Series so far.

You might be able to do that in Arranger, or something close

On A4/AR/AK it’s the Direct Change setting

Thanks dude. Bummer it’s not there on OT, but will check it out on AK :slight_smile: Must have jumbled my OT/AK mental lists of things to eventually check out :wink:

it is in project/control/sequencer - there’s an option for pattern chain and you can make it go to length or 2/16 and anything up BUT it doesn’t do what you want - i initially thought it was an instant pattern change but nope :frowning:

see my below reply - i am an idiot :slight_smile:

Smoke break :panda:

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ok for semi instant pattern change - goto pattern settings (func+bank), make sure PAT is highlighted on left of screen and not T1 or another T

tab across to PRJ SET, tick the box , now bear in mind that this has to be ticked for all patterns you wish to operate this way -

now HIT func+mixer/control/sequencer and tab across to chain after - you can now set this to 2/16 which means one trig after you press the pattern number it will chANGE - this can be any number up to about 256


edit: something col i just learned, while in pattern edit mode you can just flick between patterns without actually leaving edit mode, you just simply press pattern and hold while hitting the trigs that relate to patterns - NICE

But when the change happens, does it not start the next pattern from its first step?

this plays free track thing you mention confuses me (The plays free mode is used to trig the whole pattern on a disconnected track. The other 8 trig buttons trig the samples assigned to the tracks (just once, not in a pattern)(

how do you mean?


the slots thing i always thought was just for slices , turns out it’s for full tracks too then

DOH MY MISTAKE - I misread


Trigs 1-8 trig any disconnected or “plays free” tracks, meaning for example if track one was a disconnected track of 64 steps with trigs and plocks and what not, that sequence would be triggered by trig 1. Trigs 9-16 trigger the machine of the track, which basically means it will play the sample once, through any amp setting and effects, if it’s a flex track.
1-9 : whole sequence of plays free track. 9-16: just one trig of track
Slots mode is used to have access and play any of the 128 sample slots through the current machine, it can be used to live record sample locks on one track, so one track contains trigs for any of the 128 sample slots…

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Man. Now that I’m reading about Plays Free I really want to spend some quality time with my OT with this

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Yes I’ve overlooked the other play methods since I bought this thing nearly two years ago, I’ve used it in step method and arrange only.

I’m now building a proper performance though and that’s what’s had me looking, I’m gonna spend some time on slots tomorrow, plays free is really pretty cool as it’s still totally editable and in time , I had such a great vocal loop playing from different start positions I memorised and kept changing the play speed and retrig amounts and it was mind blowing, no way you’d create it in a step sequencer.


Cheers Mike, it was the first paragraph you caught me out on, makes sense now mucho gracias

Yeah slots, ahaaaaaa :slight_smile:

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Ha, I haven’t used them yet either, look forward to checking it out. It’s funny, the forum gets me to learn all sorts of stuff I haven’t done yet. I do that instead of crossword puzzles :cheeky:. It’s cool because when I’m back at the machines and want to do something, I don’t have to consult the manual cause I already did, and then when it comes up again on the forum it just drills it into my brain… :elan:


Same boat as you guys re not checking out those other functions yet. OT = the gift that keeps giving :wink: Desert Island Box. Often see modular vids patches that look like they took forever to patch and cost a fortune and the dude is clearly super hyped on the pattern or whatever, and for a minute start thinking ‘maaaaaaaaybe I’ll get in to modular’… Then 5 minutes later I remember the stuff that OT/AK spits out in 5 minutes. + feels like I’ve only dug about 60% in to what both are capable of… A few modular boxes out there I’d still love to have around tho :wink: