Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one

I’m trying to think of a good hardware synth that ideally doesn’t have a keybed.
Want something that’s going to have a broad range of sound possibilities.

So far I’ve come up with:

OP1 - bonus is it can layer via its tape machine, negative is that I need a midi host to sync the digitakt with it.



Anything else I should be looking at?

A4 seems pretty good,
Virus snow sounds interesting too.


Very happy with A4+OT. You can make good analog drums and sample them.
Blofeld, Micromonsta, O’Coast…


I would definitely start with 0-COAST.


The Nord Drum 2 is a great synth to pair with the DT. It’s basically a small 6 voice monosynth that has percussion focused synthesis, but can actually do pretty great melodic stuff. It’s a really compact and versatile pair.

Besides the percussion focused synthesis, the ND2 also has VA and FM which sound quite good. It reminds me a lot of the Nord Lead A1. Some of the percussion synthesis methods can be used for pitched sounds to great effect as well.

Despite only having one knob, editing is a lot easier than it looks especially if you map some parameters to the DT, or connect something like a Beatstep for extra knobs (and pads!).

I do also own an OP-1, but I always consider it kind of a loner because even with a USB/MIDI host it’s still a bit awkward to use with other gear. The OP-1 is a great source of samples and inspiration, or just fun to jam with on it’s own. But I never manage to work it into a ‘setup’ with other equipment.


Analog Four, certainly.

It synthesizes wonderful drum sounds, ideal for sampling into DT in order to free up A4 voices.

Has song mode and sends PGM change so you can use it to give song mode (in a way) to DT, if this is a feature you desire.

Has input oscillators, analog filters, and filter overdrive that you can p-lock and run DT outputs through and then sample back into DT.

Has CV outputs which gives you some additional connectivity for all kinds of other gear.

Has performance macros for an additional control style that DT lacks.

Has direct jump for quick pattern switches that DT lacks.

As it has its own advanced sequencer, it allows you to free up DT’s MIDI tracks and LFOs to be routed back into the DT (bonus LFO’s). All you would need is a MIDI thru or merge box.
Additionally; you could use those MIDI LFOs to take A4 to more heavily modulated places.

FX track with P-locks for more interesting FX based sequences.


You ideally want something multitimbral to take advantage of those midi tracks - maybe an Access Virus Snow.
If I was on a budget and going monotimbral then Volca FM, Micromonsta or Shruthi.


You can cover a lot of ground with a Virus Snow (best to use with TI plugin though due to lack of knobs)
Nord A1/4 rack are solid also
ND2 if you are after a drum synth.


my vote would be for the Vermona Perfourmer.

  1. Blofeld: Second hand units are cheap and you can do a LOT with it soundswise. It is far from perfect (well documenetd online) but a really underrated synth.
  2. Micromonsta: Cheap but powerful boutique synth.
  3. Shruthi: Great DIY synth with a lot going on under its compact hood. Sometimes tedious to edit if not a XT version. Its big brother the AMBIKA is multitimbral (but more expensive)
  4. BassStation (1 or 2): bread and butter analog synth with great and simple interface.

And sooooo many others!!
To use the full sequencing potential of your DT you should probably choose a synth with good MIDI implementation and patch memory. Or maybe you prefer to sample?


As mentioned, A4 or Perfourmer. Flexibility vs sound/huge sweet spots (saying this without ever using a Perfourmer but damn, some of the vids sound amazing). Tho neither’s really ‘lacking’ too much in either department.


A4, because it’s always a good decision :slight_smile:
Nord drum 2 seems amazing, never had the chance to try it unfortunately
You can get a Nord Rack 2 or 2x pretty cheap used (400-500 Euro). Multitimbral (4x), with a great one knob/function interface and a pretty great drum mode. It doesn’t sound too analog, but it has it’s own great sound. It’s not for everyone though

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although I don’t precisely love it’s digital sound, I guess a Virus Snow would be an awesome companion - compact size, with 50 voice poliphony and 4-part multi-timbrality (great to take advantage of the DT’s 8 MIDI tracks).
it’s expensive, but seems pretty flexible…
I own neither the Virus or the DT (for now at least) but I think they would be great together… blofeld seems to be a nice option too, although seems like multi-timbrality is a bit quirky…
oh! and also: DT + iPad - I think if you have anything above iPad Air, you can sequence quite a few apps, depending on it´s CPU usage - I’ve recently successfully sequenced 3 iPad synths with different OT MIDI tracks, using around 50% CPU

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I need to watch some more A4 videos

Virus snow looks good
Compact size is what I’m after, already have an iPad but it’s more of a sample source. I want to tweak sounds on a box more than a screen. Don’t want to mess around with midi controllers with the iPad either

Will have a look at the Blofield, thanks

Jeez just looked at the perfourmer. Looks rad but is $3400 dollarydoos :upside_down_face:

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if you’re going to spend $1300 for the idiosyncratic qualities of an Elektron machine, why not go for an Analog Keys (instead of Analog Four) ?


yeah, I would rather not use the iPad but considering the the price of the virus snow. and that I already have the iPad plus a few desktop synths (Shruthi-1, Audiothingies P6) I rather use those for now… also, I’m considering getting a Digitakt first

btw, today I purchased Mood for iPad, made by apesoft… sounds REALLY nice to my ears, and apparently it accepts program change messages.

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Don’t want keyboards, I already have a Keystep


Using a Blofeld now - very happy.