Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one

im using it with my Korg arp odessey


ipad has come a long way. Could be a good bet with a few of the better synths from moog amd korg etc. Especially if its a catch all youre after. Of course it depends on its intended use but ( nooooo!!! ) id shy away from the A4. 0 coast or a dreadbox synth would be a good pairing if analog is imperative.

Dsi pro 2.

Which strangely enough, I have one for sale :wink:


Consider the Dave Smith Tetra. It’s bit old, with a few bugs of its own (though fixed in the final firmware), but its got a great sound (100% analog, no FX but solid sound engine with lots of modulation options). It has multi timbral mode and 4 independent audio outputs, effectively giving you four independent DSI Mophos in a single (mopho) sized box. Pairs great with the DT and is VERY small.


Or a Roland SE-02…:grin:


As much as I like the micromonsta
It is not multitimbral…
that would be a killer combo…

I heard its very limited MIDI CC control on the Korg Arp, is this the case?

probably, i dont use is for anything other than manual stuff.

Waldorf Quantum.


A4. But here’s a thought. The Rytm is also a synth of sorts.

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I’m using a nord4r with mine , nice pads , bass and very usable fx on each of the 4 parts.

Virus would be good , and blofeld.
Any multitimbral box with nice fx , multiple outs and possibly routing audio into it.

Micro modular x2

Check the Micromonsta thread… Sounds great !

Yamaha TQ5:

  • It looks awesome
  • It complements the DT ease-of-workflow with the usual Yamaha menu-diving
  • It’s square
  • It has a button marked “Job” that you can press ironically when you are out of work
  • It has 32K BYTES RAM
  • It tells you what day it is
  • Everything on the front panel is at a 30 degree angle. Perfect for tweaking after imbibing a bottle of “muse-bringer”

korg electribe E2
It’s multi-timbral
Has some performance effects
Relatively cheap


want :joy:


Monomachine! Is multitimbral and offers a very broad palette of sounds. Is not sounding so fat, so its better suited for proper Mixdowns.

Alternatively a Waldorf Blofeld seems to fit as well.

OP1 is awesome (lots of different Synth Engines, lots of diversity), but like you said: You need a USB MIDI Host (something like the Kenton USB MIDI Host) to free yourself from using a computer as a MIDI Proxy.

Analog Four is obviously awesome as it offers the same Sequencer and has more functionality inside that Sequencer (like Parameter Slides). But the A4 doesnt offer a vast Soundpalette as its simply “just” an analog Synthesizer with limited Waveforms (no Wavetables and such).

Novation Peak could also be a great machine as it has plenty of controls to shape a myriad of sounds. but its not multitimbral and (probably) a bit too expensive - unless you wanna sample tons of 8-Voice Sounds and not care so much about your great Digitakt MIDI Sequencer :wink:


I would say: Grab a Monomachine! Its already a legend and sounds fantastic! Due to sampling you can capture the Chords you created on the Digitakt first and then use the individual Tracks controlled with the MIDI Sequencer of the Digi to get the rest of your sounds. The MnM also benefits from the better sounding Effects of the Digi if you sample it a lot.


i was going to suggest a monomachine as well

Can confirm. MnM+Dt is excellent combo


DT with MnM seems to be nice but how to browse sounds (on MnM) by program changes?? In MnM sounds are stored by kits so how to manage that issue?