Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one

Monomachine looks cool, but I was thinking yesterday that what if the next minitron (digitakt sized Elektron device) is a digital synth like the monomachine?

Being that the monomachine and machine drum are both digital legacy products it would make sense to repackage that code in the digitakt form factor with updated ui, overbridge premium, better patch management.

Thinking about this it’s actually really cool that the basic hardware layout and interface of the digitakt could be changed up really easily to a monomachine revamp.

I would but one in an instant.

Either way I think we will see a synth in digitakt/heat form soon.

I realised too that the eight knobs on the digitakt are assignable to midi cc and I have Reason with tons of synths.

Using the midi hw interface in Reason you can lock certain synths to a midi channel.

I can then save the Reason track as the same name as my pattern on the digitakt and with the cc assignment on the digitakt I don’t have to touch Reason anyway, can even do multiple parameters with one knob via combinators :dizzy_face:

So before I jump into anything I’m going to try Reason out.

Thanka for the great ideas though, and if I make anything decent on Reason with the digitakt I will post it up as an example


i once was a second too late getting a monomachine for 500 euro on ebay. still love to get my hands on one, but prices seem to be much higher since it was discontinued. Some of my favourite elektron related tracks or videos were done with a MnM

I think it is a good idea to learn digitakt inside out, for example also learn to play with one hand completely.,
soon elektron will release something else, big chance it is a digital performance synth…

and don’t underestimate the synth (single cycle waveform) possibilities on digitakt


Depends on what you want?

Analog goodness with built in sequencer Analog 4
Powerhouse of multi tribral versatility Access Virus Ti2
Fun 4 part VA with easy to control editing NORD Lead 4 or A1
Wavetable madness with huge depth of sound design Blofeld.

So many good options to be honest.


Well, I only have one HW synth, and that’s a Micromonsta. Cheap, wavetable synthesis (including uploading your own if you want), range of modulation options. It doesn’t have a built-in sequencer, but it has a highly programmable arp, which I find works well when noodling around with patterns on DT.

Hmm so just had a jam on linked to the computer. Think I will be getting a hardware synth. Reason linked to the digitakt was a bit meh, sounded great but felt a bit laggy.

Hard pushed to decide but probably Nord G2 Engine…

Runners up - ND2, A1r, NL4.

I respectfully disagree that the A4 isn’t vast.
It has been said by many that its main strength is in its vastness.
Feedback OSCs, neighbor routing, unison, sound locks, dual filters per voice, various filter modes, performance macros, conditional trigless trigs used as slow rise modulators, 3rd envelope with 2 destinations, PWM on every waveform.

Sure, no wavetables, but not all monsters have horns :wink:


and AM. one of my favourite features. Also modulatable fx


The best synth is the one that inspire you and bring your vision of music to life.


You don’t mention budget, but you mention you want only one synth with a broad range of sound possibilities.
If you can afford it the Virus TI can’t be beat for sound diversity and possibilities e.g. VA, FM, PM, Wavetables etc. It is a beast of a synth still now.
There isn’t a sound that can’t be synthesised with the Virus TI, whereas with a standard analog such as an A4 you do have limitations.
Not necessary for a TI2 over a TI, as it is exactly the same sound engine just with higher polyphony.

I suggest an IPad, Youtube/a Spotify account and a good lawyer.


Having owned the TI for a long time I can attest to its versatility. Being 16 part multi-timbral is a huge bonus and a lot of fun…

I also happen to own the A4 and Perfourmer and say they are completely different beasts. For the reasons that @AdamJay has already pointed out, the A4 is extremely versatile and easily integrates with other Elektron gear.

If you are looking however for a quirky box with a warm fuzzy analog sound, a simple interface, the sweetest filters on the planet and extremely fun play modes, then seriously consider the Perfourmer… You wrote earlier it cost $3,400 - it is no way near that price tag; it costs a touch more than the A4…

If you are looking for an all in one solution with maximum sounds and tracks then forget it and buy the Virus Ti… you cant go wrong with any of these:

Virus Ti2:

Vermona Perfourmer MK2:

Good luck!

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Oh god, I want a micromonsta so bad right now. I hate you people. :confounded:


+1 for blofeld here!
Lots of cool sounds, easy interface, some annoying quirks that can easily be worked around by sampling into the digitakt.

Novation PEAK - sequence from Digitakt and then record back in to DIgitakt as audio… Peak becomes 8 part multi-timbral then :o)
Plus it’s an all round power house of an instrument and sounds bloody marvellous too.

I am biased… but it is true. :wink:


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I would go for a second hand iPad with iRig Midi and run with animoog :slight_smile:

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Or possibly run it with the Korg PlugKey.

I preordered one of these when they first came out, but ended up cancelling it when I decided to cancel my Digitakt preorder. I just ordered another one that was in stock, and it should arrive in a couple weeks. Still waiting on my 2nd attempt at a Digitakt order, but this is the dream team I’ve personally been dreaming of.