Best synthesizers & music production gear 2018


Pretty entertaining…


I found at a thriftstore this little midicontroller by this unknown company Moooooog which I think is Australlion pffff, I know enough after 52 seconds to not watch any further!

don‘t see the big problem. probably not the funniest joke I ever heard… but the video has a nice vibe


Silly joke aside, I actually find him to be one of the most informative synth/production channels on youtube.


I used to find his videos a bit cringe worthy (along with a couple others out there), but I think the guy has a great heart and lots of good knowledge. I have an easier time watching Bob Eat(s) than I used to


i don‘t follow bobeats. not the biggest fan of these kind of channels. though this video features some nice channels like mylar and divkid.
I just think this video is interesting and the collaboration is nice


mylar and his “Why we bleep” is the bomb!


When I have thoughts like that when watching a video, I ask myself how many videos I have uploaded (zero). Usually shuts my cynic self up.


I don’t care because you don’t

That Eurorack guy needs to be shut down. All he did was plug his latest releases. What a doofah!

he‘s one of the most helpful and kindly guys in the eurorack scene.
I disagree with your comment - to say it in a nice way


DivKid is absolutely brilliant! When i search for a module, his videos are my first goto place to get a real good overview and inside out.


When it comes to youtube I find Hainbach one of the very few watchable synth channels these days, he doesn’t go for click bait-y crap, actually really knows what he is talking about and doing, and doesn’t do sponsored ‘reviews’.

A lot of them start out ok, doing it for the love of it, and making quality content, but after a while it seems for many of them all about the money - gimmicks and click bait, sponsored “reviews”, etc. It is probably a reflection on youtube culture in general for the last few years though, I guess while the money is there it could be a temptation, but probably at the expense of being able to do what you really want to, and I don’t think they will have much long term appeal adopting such tactics.

Let’s not forget (how could we?) the mantra of the modern semi-pro youtuber:

“Don’t forget to hit that like button, subscribe and be sure to click on the bell to be notified everytime I upload a new video, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below, and please consider being a patreon as it supports the channel and allows me to keep making these videos, peace!”

Yeah, like we don’t already know all this from the bazillion other youtubers that all say it, on every video.

Quite cynical perhaps, and undoubtedly it probably becomes somewhat of a gilded cage, I don’t envy them, the pressure of maintaining competitive production values, stressing over such things as subscriber counts, patreon donations and getting exclusives, seems like a modern day rat race to me. It does however make me appreciate those that continue to make entertaining and useful content all the more though.

Edit - I don’t watch DivKid videos because I’m not really into the eurorack scene and don’t need the temptation to go back down the rabbit hole, but those that I had seen always seemed well done.


I agree with most of what you say. I’m not a fan of most of these channels - and I don’t like the clickbait-y development. But still. They are successful cause many people seem to like the content. And I’m sure it’s pretty hard work to run a channel like that. And it seems to me that these guys put love and ambition into their content. Nothing wrong when you try to make some money with your work, if it’s possible and if people follow and appreciate your videos.
In the end, nobody has to watch these channels. But I don’t like (not referred to your comment) the resentment and jealousy I often read in comments.


Definitely hard work, the real shame is that it probably takes almost as much time and effort to make a click bait video as it does to make the kind of videos they started out making (where most likely they earned the majority of their audience) To be clear I have absolutely nothing against people monetizing their work, in fact I’m all for it. I just hate the cringey path that many seem to follow, the world only needs 1x Andrew Huang :joy:


I have to agree here :wink:
In general, I prefer no talking demos and people demoing their tracks (if they are good :sweat_smile:).
I watch youtube for the sound in the first place and not the gear hyping.
And I discovered many great musicians in the last few years just by looking for gear videos. Many of them only have a few hundred views per video

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Yeah same here.

Maybe these would be good comments for such videos


“You can’t out-Huang the Huang, so stop trying”


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btw. what I also really appreciate are channels with well done tutorials! Like watching a cuckoo tutorial saves you from reading half of the manual . I hate manuals :joy:


BTW I have nothing against Andrew Huang :smile: Just that I’m not his target audience, but he is by far the most successful synth-youtuber of this kind.