Black Friday purchases

So what cool new gear did you get for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I picked up a lot but loving my new clep diaz for smaller 6u modular rig:


Nice. Clep Diaz is on my wish list but I’m suffering from the very first-world problem of having run out of space in my rack. I did jump on an Erica Synths Zen Delay B-Stock offer though. Currently winging its way from Latvia. I suspect it’ll feature in all my jams for the foreseeable future.


Got a really good price (like 30% cheaper) on a Hydrasynth Keys, which was the one synth I said to myself beforehand “if I see a crazy price on it, I might not be able to resist”… and I couldn’t resist, ha! Was meant to take 6 weeks before it was in stock but I just got a delivery notification today so that’s exciting!

Have been reading up and watching videos and I am pretty excited to explore its depths now :ok_hand:

A pair of PSI a17m on Thomann.
Lovely deal… 0 % discount! :frowning:

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The only thing I bought was a Launchpad X… still on the fence with Ableton (I’m new to it). Great in some ways, less so in others (two full crashes in the first three days, Overbridge dropping & losing sync, etc). The input lag is pretty annoying. Not sure if that’s my fault. Probably. But that feeling of constantly having to troubleshoot and fix things - which drove me away from the DAW in the first place - is back in a big way. Sigh.

  • upgrade to Ableton Live 11
  • Expert Sleepers ES-9 (no deals on that though)
  • Will get a Bitwig licence soonish, offer ends January 10, 2021.

Major edit before I sound spoiled :wink:
Did sell neglected gear (over 1000EUR) on Reverb though! So it’s a break even in spending.

completed my must have monophonic/paraphonic synth list.
decent prices, especially for Rocket.



Just a few glow in the dark encoder knobs from djtechtools. Their sale made them an impulse buy and I’m a sucker for that cheesy gitd color.

Blackhole reverb :slight_smile:
And a 32gb CF card for OT :slight_smile:


I didn’t buy anything :upside_down_face:


I went full-on consumer this time. First piece to arrive was a pack of mandolin picks for the Eastwood MRG Mandolin I have on order.

2nd piece to arrive was the Moog Matriarch. I’m still getting to know the Pro-1 so the Matriarch will sit in its box probably until the weekend.

Have something scheduled to arrive today but not sure which thing it is exactly.


Not a purchase per se, but as an owner of a Jupiter XM I got treated to a full year of Roland Cloud Pro.


In my mind i bought a Wavestate for £499.

In reality i did not.


I bought lots of plugins , mostly iOS , shaperbox 2 … ableton 10 upgrade.

I didn’t buy any hardware :slight_smile:
I didn’t buy a Mac m1 of any type. Yet.


Sweet! Congrats.

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A 1TB SSD for my ailing 2011 MacBook Pro.

£80 from Crucial Technologies.

Should squeeze another few years out of the old boy.

Mac lives matter…


Kept it cheap. Purchased Kush Audio Omega 458a plugin. $19 , so I’m not broke af.


exact same thing, didnt buy anything.

I feel pretty good about it.

Bring it on 2021 :space_invader:


Got some monitors, a TD-3, and a TR8s. Software-wise I got the cherry audio 106 which sounds amazing and the samples from mars pack.

Intention with the hardware is to set up a little music area for my kid and I to jam together. He’s 6 and is super interested, but I’ve been headphones only up to this point which is pretty solitary.

I was trying to not spend too much, as I also recently bought an Analog Four. Ended up getting a Pico System III, 50% off was just too good to pass up. Going to see if this ‘modular’ thing is up my alley.

Also got some VSTs and the complete samples from mars collection.