Blofeld sequenced by TB-3?

Can anyone with a Waldorf Blofeld comment on it’s capabilities with just one voice?

I’m looking to add some digital textures for a live setup, but my only sequencer in the setup that sends midi note output is a TB-3 and I only use it for a couple songs.
I realize it’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight, using just one voice, but for just $400 it seems it could be a solution. Perhaps with clever patch programming, using long releases and loads of modulation, one voice can do quite a lot?

Or maybe a new electribe is best (though I am more convinced by Blofeld’s sound that electribe’s)

With 3 oscillators and a deep mod matrix, you CAN have pretty much going on with just one voice. And, like you,mentioned, long release times with give you overlap.

But if you get one, you are probably going to want to find a way to use it for more than just that…

Yea. Nothing sells an Octatrack like a Blofeld, i guess…

actually you can have more than one voice and super layer your mono:
in multi mode, just select different voice using the same midi track.
You can even transpose these voice which offer you the ability to do chords even if you only send mono midi.

The powerful arpegiator is also a good asset!

I bet you could come up with a slightly cheaper solution!

Good call on Multi Mode klerc!

Ah, good tips!
This is what I was looking for.

I bet you could come up with a slightly cheaper solution!

Throw $500 at Elektron for that “secret” A4 poly midi out firmware.

This one has been looking interesting:

What the hell…
So many standalone sequencer now! 6 months ago it was cirklon or elektron for a powerfull one…
Now are coming beatstep pro, Engine by social entropy…

Btw, the Blofeld has 16 tracks:
It means that you can setp up each of these tracks with their own voice setup, midi setting, detune/transposition, keyboard control, volume…

It is VERY powerful!!

Not 100% sure but I think that blofeld allows you to play from 1 to 16 sounds each one with its own 16 notes pattern, all this using a single MIDI note.

Using multi layer key map settings you can set which note will play what.

I have one Blofeld at my GF home, I´ll check at night!

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behringer BCR plus Zaquencer is nice.
Beatstep Pro looks good too.

or you could simply hook up a keyboard to it…

I don’t think it has anywhere near the DSP to play 16 notes on each channel- it’ll max out way before you get close to that.
Or is that not what you meant…?

This is for a live setup with only a little room left in the case :wink:

not 16 voices per channel :slight_smile:
I´m talking about the 16 notes (steps) programable step sequencer.
The only think I´m not sure is if there is one 16 step sequencer for all the multi-parts, or one sequencer per multi part making a total of 16 sequencers
Gonna check tonite!

I like the idea of seeing how far I can get with it with just one voice. A lot of times self-imposed limitations bring unexpected results. And then if I really need to add on, I’ll use my iPad Air with StepPolyArp.

Thanks for your help, all… and thanks for looking into it, gbravetti! Really appreciate you taking the time.

As professor Farnsworth say: -“Good news everyone”
Just tested my Blofeld and you have more than enough for what you want.
You have 16 parts per multi, each part have an independent mini sequencer (seems to be single pitch) with 16 steps each. By the way the sequencer is pretty powerful with per step commands like play “last”, play “previous”, “random”, “pause” etc., also the regular stuff like, length, accent level, micro timing, etc. What I didn’t find is pitch, I need to check on the manual to see if you can change pitch in a per step basis (may be with a combo of keys).
So layers can respond to key ranges, so with a single note and just changing pitch, you can “shoot” layers one, or layer two, or any combination of them.
I think with a bit of programming you can do whatever you want, also this is per multi so just changing multi you have a whole new set of sounds and sequences at your dispose,
Also you can also define basic chords and control them using a single note.
I found it pretty useful, fully recommended!

Yes the blofeld is just awesome.
If only it had more outputs…

and DIM MIDI output for the arpeggiator and params :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t program notes into the arp, only patterns- accents, glides, etc.
The actual pitches are still going to be based on the chord you play.

If you’re going for a flexible one voice thing and you’re on a budget and don’t have space, consider a desktop DSI Evolver. Four oscillators, each one sequenced separately, great effects, small and compact. Sounds like a four-voice synth when you tweak it right.