Bought a second-hand Prologue 16: broken keys : (

So I bought a nice Prologue 16 from a seller in Italy, but unfortunately it looks like it was damaged during the shipment. It arrived with some broken keys: two keys are broken, one key is stuck, and another key also moves the key next to it (see also video)

I paid with paypal (not f&f), and also insured the shipment for 500 euros.

What would be my best course of action?
Should I open a controversy with paypal? Ask for a refund? Return the Prologue?
Should I initiate a claim with the shipping company?
In your opinion, these kind of damages are easy to fix?

I contacted the Korg distributor for Benelux and apparently they don’t offer repairs for products outside warranty, but they asked me to send an email describing the problem, and they could potentially put me in contact with some other repair service. Waiting for an answer.

Feeling a bit under the weather right now :frowning:

Dont do anything but lodge a dispute with Paypal. They will do all the donkey work for you as it can get messy doing it yourself.

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It’s the seller’s responsibility to stress about this, not you. Contact them with lots of pictures and they’ll do the rest. If they refuse to help, then log a dispute.

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Weirdly enough, paypal does not allow me to contact the seller via their internal messaging system, so all the communication is going through telegram at the moment. The seller is as upset as me, I guess.

Yea it’s as @Claid says it’s the sellers issue to sort - the shipping company won’t even talk to you as you’re not their customer (I assume)

I would just return it for a refund personally, but the seller will need to collect photos etc, you might need to wait a couple weeks for it to get resolved before you can do anything with it.

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Though I was the one booking and paying for the shipment. And I just had feedback from the shipping company that it is stated in their TOS that musical instruments are not covered by insurance. Ah, what a mess.
Should have bought a minilogue module instead :laughing:


Was it a private sale or via a platform like eBay or Reverb? I’m guessing private as you say it ‘wasn’t PayPal F&F’. Speaking of which, if it wasn’t F&F, does that mean it was G&S? That means insurance.

If you booked the shipping then yes, it’s your responsibility to deal with the courier I’m afraid. However, I don’t consider synthesisers to be ‘musical instruments’ in the classic sense, ie a stringed instrument such as a guitar or violin. Or even a piano. A synthesiser I class as ‘DJ Equipment’, which should be covered by most couriers. It’s basically a computer that makes sound, not an instrument.



Let’s hope those keys aren’t too much trouble to replace then I guess! :sweat_smile:

Which shipping company? Good to know to avoid for others if booking directly.

I use PackLink (either through ebay or Reverb normally), and they cover instruments, used/new. The insurance is provided by PackLink, not the courier, so it doesn’t matter who you use to ship. Doesn’t help you now of course but hopefully helpful in the future for you or others.

Edit: This person is in the US but they sell individual keys - which implies to me that keys can themselves be replaced. Of course you might want to inspect that nothing else was damaged.

These kind of damages are mostly caused by bad packaging which is really the sender’s responsibility. Was it packed in its original box? Do you have pictures of how it was packed?

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The seller used a third party service (Mailbox Etc) to have it packed. Unfortunately he didn’t have the original box. The synth was packaged quite nicely but I guess the courier mishandled it, most likely by exerting pressure on that area.

I used ecoparcel, which then used GLS as the courier service.
And they are now blaming me for not having packaged it correctly.

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aw man, sorry to hear :pensive:
i hope korg can direct you to a service center.

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Have you asked Korg to send you a couple of replacement keys? I would have thought it was a fairly easy fix. They are usually just held in with springs. I would personally much rather do that than go through the anguish of sending it to a service centre which could take a couple of months.

Seems like rubbing salt in the wounds if they don’t cover instruments anyway haha

How was the packaging? If it was indeed insufficient then I’d ask the seller to cover repair costs, see what they say.

Generally they say it needs to be able to happily fall off a 4 foot high conveyer belt, and then driven over by a forklift (the last part isn’t in their guidance).

I contacted the Korg distributor for Benelux. Unfortunately they said the don’t do repairs for out-of-warranty items, though this one should still be covered by Thomann 3-year warranty (not sure if it’s still valid if the item has be resold though). But they sent me a list of repair centres I could contact.

It doesn’t look as simple as just replacing a couple of keys though, as one of them appears to be stuck and some other are moving all together when one of them is pushed.

That’s sad, I guess it must have had quite a serious bang. I wonder just what the hell these delivery companies are playing at… are they employing chimpanzees?

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It was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap, and then put in a double layer cardboard box. The box was layered with “FRAGILE” tape all around. I mean, not a bad packaging job by all means, by evidently not sturdy enough :frowning:

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Something like that should be either double boxed or suspended inside polystyrene inserts in a large box, as bubble wrap and a single box will not prevent stress being passed through the packaging onto the contents.

And fragile tape is completely pointless, couriers can’t see it.

As has been said, repairing a few keys isn’t too big a deal, all you’ll need is a couple of tools and spare keys, no soldering or messing about with PCBs.

Seller needs to get on to the packaging company, as that is inadequate packaging for such an item.

You’re right, even though I have no doubts in the seller’s good faith, this packaging job was clearly not up to the task. It puts me in a very unconformable position now as I will have to open a dispute with paypal and the seller won’t likely see his money just yet. He was, and still is, very nice and we had several calls and messages before finalising the deal. He’s even an Elektron aficionado and sold the prologue to finance the purchase of an A4.