Cable Management Ideas?

So, just like yourself, I have a plethora of cables that sit in a bag tangled up like a thousand different snakes playing a game of 3d twister.
I had thought a coat hanger would be the solution to my problems but it really doesn’t work, has anyone figured out a solution to this eternal struggle?

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im sorry, not sorry



These are very nice, but only fit small diameter cables. ( Thin Eurorack cables, Tiptop stackables are little bit to wide )

If you mean connected cables and organize them, I go for these

Obtained from work of course :wink: Forgotten ones I found on the floor somewhere.

I screwed small hooks into my table and you can choke the cables with these and hang them there.
It is the way like the event industry does it.

If you mean disconnected “normal” cables,

They are a bit pricey, and of course I obtained mine also from work.

If you coiled the cables correctly, another tip is, to not lay them down flat, but to store them like books. Of course this only works if you have a box or something that is app. the size of the cables.
For me it works, but I am a little picky with things like these…


this is my current solution, but its a hassle taking them off

plus these

Works just fine. You can fill the boxes sorted with certain cables and SKUBB fits perfectly into the Malm drawer. Also partner compatible, if your beloved one is sensitive regarding cables.


wow thats excellent, thank you.

using the wall hooks is fun, wish they were longer

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I use this type of thing. This isn’t a link to the exact thing I use but it’s the same kind. I get mine from shipping distributors for grocery stores. When they get too dirty they’ll often just give them too you and they’re easy to clean. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Road worthy strong. Stackable. Good for gigs too since they can be secured closed with two zip ties. I have a stack of these in my studio closet with a couple hundred cables in them.


I have my spares carefully coiled, tied with a velcro strap, and stored in plastic crates.

USB cables are in separate clear plastic bags, grouped by type—USB A > B, micro USB, etc.

At the desk I tie loose cables in bundles around the back. I have a long power strip attached at the back of the desk too. Other cables I tie together with Velcro strips, or run through one of these tubes.



Ikea has this pannels where you can install hooks as per your convenience, I use them for hanging cables.


Simple hooks on the wall.
I hang my cables. Neat, tidy, organised, keeps the cables in good nick.

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Pomona cable hangers - cheap, available from electronics sellers as test lead holders eg rs, farnell and mouser - I suspect they are rebadged and sold at a mark up from music retailers! Pick the one that fits your cable diameter….

or the DIY Lifehack Ghetto version ($0!)


I prefer my Bob Marley though


A very big advantage of these are that you can stack them inside each other! I always liked these kind of space efficent design

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OK. I think this is one of the best LHs I’ve ever seen :star_struck:

I’m going to try this…


Got this from Princess Auto for like $20

Currently I have a combination of a patch bay plus cable holders that I stick on my desk. So I have a bunch of connectors right there on my desk that I can pull towards me to connect any combination of gear I want. Which are routed to my mixer via patch bay. this way I can easily route any audio to and from any piece of gear. It solves pretty much the entire cable entanglement problem and is a very flexible way of working. The cable holders I currently use are just short of being perfect as they don’t stick strong enough on the desk. So I need to solve that or find a better solution. But the idea really works wonderful.

This is probably only useful when you like and/or need to change setups often.

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pretty setup there, friend.

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Flaking is critical. I try to ensure that my cables lay flat when they are connecting gear. Between uses, I keep them coiled and usually laid flat on top of a storage crate. Cables that haven’t been used in a while join similar cables in gallon ziploc bags and then join the other bagged cables in a storage crate.

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It’s OK to manage your cables, but don’t micro-manage. 79% of cables have experienced micromanagement in the workplace, while 69% have considered leaving their post because of it. This doesn’t mean that numbers are bad, but most likely they are numerical.