Combo MM suggestions

HI to all.
I need a suggestion from the forum.
Currently I have a MM that I love
and since a month is accompanied by an OT
I do not like sampling,
but I really enjoy the timestraching and
arp/lfo midi for generative music random.
I don’t change the MM at all, but would like a new one for rhythm.
I would like to create a “triangle” with the base 2MM
and summit OT or MD
which has the minimum required for the sampling and timestratching
What do you think of these two hypotheses:


Thank you so much

I would recommend MD (the second option)… But you already got Monomachine + Octatrack > so, it means you’ve purchased a very good companion for your Monomachine (which is an extremely capable instrument). Why not MM+OT+MD? That’s what really makes sense to me… Of course, the first option is intriguing, as well, but you need to know that in order to use 2 Monomachine units properly, you must’ve spent sufficient time with the Monomachine just exploring it.

Here is a source of inspiration for you:


ach, I don’t understand your desire to have two MM in setup. Why don’t try use analog A4 instead of second MM? You will have devices from two worlds in this case: analog A4 and digital MM. A4 will give you another sonic palette, much more modern sequencer with sound locks (different sounds/patches on each step), nice onboard effects and Overbridge in the near future. As for me I would buy the following setup:

MM + A4 + AR

MM – digital synthesis (6 voices! much more than enough)
A4 – analog synthesis (4 voices, it is not difficult at all to create complete song using only this machine)
AR – analog\digital drum machine with sample playback (you can have analog synth sound + sample sound on 1 pad! also you can load very long samples into device, even complete songs). It can partly replace Octatrack and add cool deep analog sound to your mixes. It has analog compressor and distortion and also can be used with Overbridge.

2xMM+MD is my recommendation as well. And I commend your desire for two MonoMachines. You’ve obviously settled on that part of the decision, so there’s no sense in trying to talk you out of it. 2 MMs are great! I’ve been borrowing a friend’s MM to use along with my own MM, and I’m using it as an LFO crazy FX box. I’m giving the loaner back today, but will probably seek out a Mk1 in the future as it is such a powerful solution.

Sometimes MM just fits what you want sonically, and one isn’t enough, especially when you’re synthesizing drum voices and using tracks for FX. I particularly like the sound of the MM filters, and with the Oxford Overdrive & Immortal Waves packs it creeps a bit closer to the timbre of A4, getting quite lush for a digital synth.

But back to the MD… your MMs’ midi LFOs can turn MD into a completely new beast! Digital or not, it would be an incredibly versatile setup.
Also, it will free up some MM voices you might be using on drums, far more than OT would, I think.

Best of luck!

^This, plus a NordDrum for A4’s CV track is my setup. And you’re right it is incredibly powerful.

Really, I think any 3 Elektron setup is quite capable and versatile, it just depends on where you want to end up. I would be very happy to make music with several other configurations like 2xMM+MD, or AK/A4/MM, or 2xRytm+A4.

Thanks Rady.
You have perfectly understood why I love my MM …
I know your videos but this last one, not …is very fresh, great!
for this I’d rather have 2 MM (perhaps you too …)

I really like the sound design,
then i love to spend time on the MM to seek right tone.

In my opinion MM is unique not reproducible between all machines:

with OT I could play any Drums tone sampled
the MD has the least that interests me most of the OT (Rm Kit and Trim)
the Ot offers me variations of the sequences with the arp and lfo
the Md has no arp but powerful filters.

I can trade the OT with onother MM and MD + €
or get just onother MM with €

damn elektron kids!

Thank you everybody guys!
i’m going to the seller…
to talk with him…

me 2…
sorru uturunku i’m not so analog…
look at my face in the pic…

Done! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

could you tell a little more about what you said :
" your MM lfos can turn MD into a completely new beast".
do you have an exemple ?
I have both the unit , and never thought about that… sounds interesting

Sure, you have 6 midi tracks in the midi sequencer on MM. These are independent from MM’s 6 Midi tracks.
Each midi track has 4 assignable CCs and 3 LFOs.
Assign CC#'s in MM’s midi seq settings (MM manual page #108) to correspond to the Midi CCs for various MachineDrum parameters (MD Manual - Appendix B)

Use the LFOs to modulate the CCs. You could have 19 LFOs (18 MM + 1MD) on a single MD voice if you wanted to. :slight_smile:

Final tally?

A wild card suggestion: grab a Yamaha RM50 rack unit. I got one recently, and it pairs very nicely with the Elektron sequencer. You can get some brilliant drums (and other sounds) out of it, and lots of variation from p-locking CCs and using the arp. Plus, as it is multitimbral, you can program some ridiculously intricate drums across midi channels.

34, actually. the md’s lfos are freely assignable :wink:

Finally traded, i have the base,
now start looking for MD…
I miss a little bit the OT but in this way

I feel more comfortable
routing audio and midi
other suggestions are appreciated
tnx to all

34, actually. the md’s lfos are freely assignable ;)[/quote]
:astonished: :astonished: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hi again
I’m trying to clone 2 MMs
I sent all the sysex files from MM1 to C6 via TM1e I would like the MM2 (new) receives ORIG MODE All sysex files from C6.
by display everything seems to be fine 0 ERR and C6 also done in turbo mode.
But I do not see the snapshots that I should find.
What is wrong?
Tnx anyway

Did you get this figured out?
Are both MMs +Drive units?
Also, wanted to let you know, the Rain Design M-Stand is great for the “triangle” configuration. I also have some Bluelounge CoolFeet under all 3 for more forward tilt. Quite ergonomic:

hello AdamJay
thank you very much for your interest.
I must say that your “dark triangle” is really very powerful, very “danalog …” accompanied by the nord … very interesting.
instead i miss the OT … waiting I revised my old Bitstream 3x

I’m trying to control the simpler of ableton with bt3x lfo …
or the arpeggiator to the midi slice …
but not at all what I heard from the OT :sob:

furthermore i never tried to use the scenes in a month … :thinking:
and the Bt3x can save 100 scenes of chained controls…
a brothel … :dizzy_face:
anyway …my triangle at the top should have an OT
although a “light triangle” with the MD to the top
is very intriguing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was not able yet to receive sysex and do not even know what I’m actually sending on…
On MM1 there are only 5 snapshot 12 kit and about 20 pattern without songs but sending in ALL mode 288 file. :confused:
would be a very useful a tutorial for how to handle files on MM & OT especially for folks like me who comes from computer folders … :zonked:
the stands are really elegant
too early for me…

Perhaps opening a support ticket about your C6 woes is in order.
It also sounds like the OT’s absence has demonstrated its necessity.
2xMM+OT may be the ideal setup for you.