Connecting to PC/Using Transfer

I am unable to connect to my PC using the USB. Unable to use transfer to load samples because device not connecting to PC. It looks like it’s trying but alas nothing happens. I believe I’ve set the MIDI configuration properly, but there has to be something I’m missing. It is frustrating. Appreciate some help. Thanks.

Same problem, bump

I’ve had difficulty in the past - but one thing that I discovered recently is that I cannot have my DAW open (Cubase). After flailing around and connecting and changing cables etc. etc. - It worked when I closed my recording software down.


I’ve tried switching any music software off, restarted computer, tried a different USB port, tried setting the usb mode to a + m and midi, still same issue with spinning loader then an ‘X’ and sometime crashes. Really quite disappointing. I didn’t even receive an instruction manual with it. If I can’t load samples this is no good to me.

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I feel the same way. It is THE reason I bought it.

This worked for me. I had Abelton open though didn’t realize it.

Same… tried changing from Overbridge to USB MIDI mode… and still nothing. Seems like it’s a big problem that needs to be addressed soon. Need to be able to transfer samples.

Tried on a different computer… same problem… I’m using windows 10…

Very strange. I’m also using Windows 10 and have had no problems. Perhaps there’s one more sneaky piece of music software monopolizing your MIDI ports: Chrome?

I guess another troubleshooting idea would be to go into your device manager and see if there’s a device named “USB Audio Device.” If so, right click on it and open Properties, then go to the details tab and in the Property drop-down, choose “Bus reported device description.” That should yield the value “Elektron Model:Samples.” If that all looks ok, then the m:s should be correctly connected to your PC and the next step would be to figure out what’s monopolizing your MIDI ports.

Tried both suggestions and unfortunately same problem. Nothing suspect in task manager and no extra USB audio device in device manager. This really is frustrating… maybe I have a faulty unit if I have had the same problem on 2 different machines?

Just to clarify I have the one usb cable connected from my model samples to my pc and I’ve tried both A + M mode and midi mode in the usb mode in device config menu in the model samples…

You may have a faulty unit OR a faulty USB cable. Have you tried a different cable?

Yea tried a different cable and still the same… Had another look at the USB port the samples is connected to and it’s noted migration was unsuccessful, wonder if this this might mean something?


After reading up on above issue in screenshot, it’s looking like the windows 10 driver isn’t compatible with model samples… no one else having this problem?

Nope, it works perfectly on mine. I had the issue with something else though, try updating your chipset/usb drivers from the manufacturers site.

Overbridge? It doesn’t support overbridge, that might be your issue.

No problems. Both audio and MIDI working fine on my win10 lappy. Audio is a no go on win7 tho due to no class compliant audio USB 2.0 drivers.

Hey thanks for advice guys, updated chipset drivers and still not working, decided to try and get a replacement, contacted supplier

I’m in the same situation, just bought Model Samples but being on win 7 64 ( same goes for the Cycles I have ) I know it won’t play audio from USB BUT I can’t send my own samples and the idea of update my ENTIRE set of work ( not just audio ) to win 10 is frankly a NO way idea, I manage though to update the machine through Transfer as it is seen as MIDI and in my device manager too… BUT stucked with that X for transfers, need help ( my PC has a ASUS X99-AII with updated chipset )

If you were able to update your firmware via Transfer, then I believe you should be able to send samples back and forth as this is not sent as an audio stream.

Thanks but it does not connect the machine , not opening the dialogue were to drop the samples like it happen on my macbook BUT I can’t turn my macbook all the time just preparing the samples as my work is done PC based, the update worked probably because it does see the machine as MIDI so the Sysex is passing through the USB but no happiness for dropping folders with audio… really hope to sort it out, would love to hear from anyone actually running both Samples and Cycles using a win 7 64

First it was working fine but maybe after win update i got same issue… I was able to find a solution for me, just turn off my external sound card (audio interface) and its working just fine as before.
Hope this helps