Cuckoo on Analog Keys

First I just want to say hello, I’m cuckoo, synth lover with a special place in my heart for Elektron’s synthesisers. When the Analog Keys came out I quickly realized it was built for me. It’s not just an Analog Four with a keyboard. It’s breathing “play me play me play me” - and I’m playing it.
I think the secret to making great playable patches lies within setting up the joystick, the after touch and the velocity. You can assign a lot of parameter changes and make the sound respond the way you’d like it to - so that you can follow changes in the song, or performance you’re in.

Ok, here it is. Hit me up with comments and questions and stuff.

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Man I’m seeing this in all of my major synth hubs on the web! Great job!

After seeing this (and you helped me figure out the filter tracking issue, thanks again) I was messing around with joystick parameters and a cool thing I found is mapping the LFO multiplier/speed to the same thing as something like resonance/overdrive/waveform switching. You get this really cool effect that gets faster and more intense the further you push the joystick

What kind of things do you like to play with Cuckoo?

Very nice patches cuckoo!


Thanks everybody! I’m really happy Elektron finally went for a keyboard synth with the Analog Keys! Wohoo!!

@junovhs I’m currently making my second album, and a key factor for me has been to create synth patches that play well with acoustic elements, without any extra chains of effects and radical EQ etc. So that’s my aim with most patches that I’m creating now.

Great video as usual! I’m honestly not a huge fan of your music (no offense and with all respect), but i love your video presentations and your overall persona. Some amazing sounding patches in all of your stuff. Glad to see you helping out here as you do with the op1. I’m getting more and more excited for my AK to arrive. I love my A4 and have been dreaming of it being the Keys since day one. Very glad to hear yours, and others, praise of the AK knowing they have come from the A4.


Awesome man, I enjoyed this video, even though the a4 is not for me!
You are the opposite of Dataline, so its a good combo to demo the machines!

Now Elektron just needs a hiphop type character to round it out! =P

dataline on a4, ot
cuckoo on ak
hip-hop type on ar


Ha ha. Until the ultimate hip hopster comes along I could start saying “yo” now and then to make up for it :wink:

Nice patches, good to see the machines used in different ways.

Always enjoy your videos Cuckoo (aka: Mirror Man).

It’s so great to see these machines used in more melodic and traditional musical ways (though I don’t do that myself). Really expands the perception of what the Elektron machines can be used for.

Can’t wait to see more!

that’s a tops video

Awesome video!

Great job as always, Cuckoo! :joy:

Thanks y’all! I think the Keys should appeal to melodic people that are not in the “programmable genres”. Niiiceee stuuufff… Yo! gangsta pose

that’s definitely a friendly introduction for non-nerds… looks like fun, instead of the usual Elektron cerebral meltdown :slight_smile:

throw up an E gang sign and bust out a dark melody on the keys :wink:

Love your singer/songwriter jammy kind of style, was a subscriber before this!
I’ve got the A4 now, hoping (though not expecting) a poly-chain mode between the two. Was wondering how you find the keybed though, most of the 37-key boards I’ve poked have been rather underwhelming.

Thanks Des!
The keyboard itself is a typical, light weight, plastic, fast, little resistance kind of keyboard. It feels very familiar having played a lot of keyboards before. Nothing ground breaking or particular about it. It is what it is, and I’d say it’s good.

Hey Cuckoo,
Great videos. But you are costing me a FORTUNE!

I saw your OP-1 stuff last year, and bought one. Great synth. Love it.

I’ve been watching your A4 and AK videos, and I just ordered an A4!

Please buy a cheaper synthesiser next :wink: