Dataline's Syntakt Experience

Here is the release I made with a Syntakt only!

8-track EP + Sysex File of all the Patterns + Stem Recordings of All Tracks from Syntakt + Explanation Video. This is a HUGE download spawning over 4GB!

Download from Bandcamp or Gumroad

I bought the Syntakt at full price and spent like a week with it! I think it’s a nice box, very charming to have all those super sound sources from the past in a single package. I also like the new Analog Fx track. Not so fan of the ‘Drive’ it offers but to have another space to route selected tracks through another filter is very welcoming! Overall, I really enjoyed working with it and happy to be able to make such music in 1 box. The new Clap engine is very fine! And Overbridge in Standalone Mode worked like a charm, recording all the tracks individually. Yea, it would have been nice to have individual outs but at least there is a work around! Oh then there are the modifiers. However, I could not really find a good use case for myself. Maybe in the future.

The shortcomings are, I couldn’t really find anything new here, apart from the few new cycles type of engines. The sequencer is the same, sound sources are the same, the box is the same… Which makes me think about the marketing slogan, ‘new sounds from new place’ :nauseated_face:
The Analog tracks are lacking that crucial second filter, which was surprising for me as the digital tracks have that. And finally, the Control All feature could benefit by allowing to disable some of the parameters from being affected. Especially the Chord and other synth engines with ‘tuning’ parameters. Currently, its very easy to fall into a wrong note while trying to carve out the power of that feature.



Sounds very nice!

I didn’t even think about the marketing slogan- that is pretty silly.


Definitely agree with the shortcomings you mention. It seems like more of a “best of” box than something totally new. With that said, I do really like it a whole lot.


Yeah, I’m struggling to find much use for them in their current form.

I think if they could utilise some sort of playable legato style parameter slide between them, they might be more useful, but the retrig one does nothing for me that a few conditional trigs and the fill button wasn’t already doing.

I do think that the Syntakt makes the strongest case of all for pairing it up with a faderfox or something similar for a bunch of DIY performance macros.


See, what y’all worrying 'bout … it clearly haz song mode :alien:

Cenk is Control AllTM


sounds great man! Any chance you will be releasing these new songs (and your other EP/sysex stuff) as just albums?
I can’t really spend that much for just the music and I don’t really have much need for the files/tutorial stuff.
But I would happily pay a reasonable price for the music!

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Also, I agree about Control All and the ability to bypass specific tracks/parameters.
I’ve been rocking the crap out of my Cycles and love it but if I accidentally crank the Shape knob with Control all in a fit of madness…it just sounds horrible

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I love the shape knob it’s so bad!

Great video Dataline! I kind of can’t wait for the conspiracy theories around your different pattern names to surface. :alien:


there’s bound to be some really smart things that could be done with the modifier paradigm in the future.

we should start a thread.

a simple one - instead of the way retrig affects a single track, if you could have a mode where modifiers could loop a defined amount of trigs relative to the position in the pattern. effecting all tracks. a bit like OT delay ctrl. that’d be cool.


You could even say Elektron released another…sampler :grinning:


Very nice demo, and thanks for the honest post, Cenk :+1:


Sounding good!

Yeah. This kind of makes me want a Faderfox. The only issue I always have with Elektron gear and external controllers is the lack of pickup mode for CC. Though, if I understand it correctly, couldn’t I set the ENCODER DEST to send out while also receiving, then if I tweaked the encoder slightly, it would also change the external one? Or would that create an encoder loop?

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Cenk one of us again.

harsh but fair :sweat_smile:


The only answer I can give here is “fuck knows”.

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I got the ST on first date because it fits my current needs like a glove, but you can’t deny the overall Cenk’s point of ST being a very conservative device…
I just took a quick random listen to the EP songs and looks really great, worth purchasing by the music alone :heart_eyes:

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Miket bre! :smiley:

For a (long time) Elektron user who uses multiple Elektron devices , yes, but for those who just plunged into the Elektron world, the Syntakt is relatively innovative and awesome.


I’m having a nonstop blast with this thing but I must admit that I could sure find some use for a second filter on the analog tracks.


You have it, if you use the one from the AFX track :wink: