Digitakt Midi Question (Absolute Beginner)

I am an absolute beginner to the midi world. The language of midi has always intimidated me. But since I’ve recently bought my first synth, Grandmother Moog, I’ve decided to give it a try.

I want my Digitakt to control and sequence the GM. I have a midi cable plugged into the GM MIDI In and the Digitakt’s MIDI OUT Sync A. I have both set to channel 1. And I selected clock recieve in the settings. But I am not getting anything.

Am I missing something?


If you’re certain the GM is listening on channel 1, select MIDI track A (Trig 9) on the DT and press the SRC button. The first box CHAN by default has an X. Press and hold FUNC then push the A knob. This enables the channel parameter. Turn it until it says 1 (or whatever the device you want to control is listening on). Now when you press the 9 Trig it will send the note on Trig page (C5 by default). Press Func+Trk to enter chromatic mode to play different notes.

One thing you didn’t mention is how is your audio routed? Are you going into a mixer? MIDI does not carry audio so you’ll need to have the GM audio out plugged into something (mixer, interface)


I’m not using any mixer. Maybe thats the problem? I’m just using my headphones which are connected to the digitakt.

Everything else you’ve mentioned I’ve triple checked.

That worked. Have my headphones connected to the GM and can hear when im in chromatic mode on the DT. I was under the impression that midi sends audio. Ill have to invest in a mixer so that i can hear my 8 main tracks plus my midi channels.

Thank you!


You can also send the audio out of the GM into the audio in of the Digitakt and monitor it through the sample recorder. This way, you will always be ready to record the audio sequences from the GM into the Digitakt and it’s also a way of hearing both devices.



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The monitoring volume is too low compared to the internal volume, you would need to stop play on the DT to hear the GM properly in normal use. A mixer would be needed with that combination ime.

No problem. It’s a common beginner misconception of MIDI.

I disagree. The volume is as loud as the Digitakt’s internal samples. Just tested with a Moog Subharmonicon and everything is good.

Every device I have plugged into the DT has had significantly lower monitoring volume than that of the audio tracks, once recorded they are the same but in terms of using the DT as a mixerless setup with another synth I have not been able to hear the incoming audio properly whilst the internal audio is playing.

This is a temporary solution, though.

We need other users input.

Im in the same camp as you, I use DT Input to monitor GM audio. I dont have an issue with volume.

Interesting, so you can have the DT playing its audio and monitor the GM listening through the DT headphones and there is no real difference in the volume levels?. Pretty sure others experienced the same as me, I had mine replaced recently and the new one is the same, have to turn the incoming synth up full while the DT is 25% and still nowhere near equal.

Can you try another source? I’m wondering if your GM output is the issue?

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Are you using a TRS cable to go out from the GM? Moog says to use a TS cable as a TRS cable can cause reduced output.

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Nice thought. I recently read that information in the GM manual when I was looking for a BDay present. Ended up buying a SubH.

I dont have a GM, just an inability to hear incoming audio over internal audio when sampling. Maybe its mono/stereo thing, is the GM mono output?, I always sample from left and right which makes a difference.

Ah sorry got a bit confused with the replies! :grinning: Yes gm is indeed mono output, but I don’t think mono/stereo would have an impact on monitoring volume. I don’t really use my DT like that to monitor while playing. next time I’m by the DT I’ll test it out. Whenever I have used the monitoring (while sampling), I can’t recall thinking it was quiet

yes. Granted I am a complete noob and came about this method accidentally, but for my untrained ear the volume from the GM and the internal volume arent an issue, for me at least.

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