Digitone Keys - Discontinued? really?!

Hi all,
out of curiosity… Are there any official news that the Digitone Keys is/will be discontinued?

I received this information from Session Music, as a confirmed fact.

Is that really true?

Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m seeing a lot of people locally try to trade them for regular digitones at no extra cost. It’s always ‘lack of space’. Thing is like a BIG toblerone.


Isn’t the normal order of things to stop making them, let it go out of stock, and then discontinue.

The DK is in stock, at just about every retailer here in the USA, and in stock at Elektron.

I doubt that this is true, but if your source is good, then maybe.

Restrictions are for the dreamless.


…it’s a special product…for special needs…and sure it will be discontinued at some point…
…but as with last batches of mnm nd md, they will announce loud and proud, once this product is running out of production…

mnm kb version, a4 kb version…pretty rare and very special instruments these days…
and so is the dtone kb version…tomorrow…


They weren’t very loud and proud about the Analog Keys being discontinued, to be fair. I expect they’ll quietly phase it out while maintaining production of the regular Digitone.

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ok. thank you all for your comments. haven´t been here around for a while, so i thought i missed the lateest news…

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They seem to be available at retail and 2nd hand , I think it’s a while before adverts claim they’re rare and the fake high prices kick in.

And in general whether an item is available / discontinued it doesn’t have much impact if I actually want to buy it…. Though I’m not gassing for any synths these days.

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…all their keyboard versions are, were and will be exclusive niche products right from the get go…

in total awareness, they’ll only sell in small batches…no big fuzz.

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I’ve wanted one forever but it’s just too big for my space. I can see where that’s an issue for some. That said, I still want it and if it ever nears EOL I’ll probably jump and…I dunno, play it on the floor or on my kitchen counter?

What does it it matter?

Because, if confirmed, I have to buy a second one to keep safe in its box in case my beloved DTkeys ever bites the bullet.


Usually there is a brief window where the price drops as retailers clear out (e.g. Sirin) before the price starts to spiral upwards :smiley:

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Sure that’s a reason why, but if something was a “confirmed fact” you’d think threadposter would do the same :smiley:

Syntakt as DT + DN in a keyboard form confirmed :slight_smile:


I’m considering getting a DTK but noticed no store in my country (NL) has them in stock, nor can you add it your cart anymore on elektron.se. I guess it hasn’t been a huge seller and/or general parts shortage may have made it unattractive for Elektron to keep making them. Or perhaps another keyboard device is on its way. Any of you have any insights as to what’s in the cards for the DTK?

EDIT - thanks for merging my post in this thread, I wasn’t aware of this one. I looked a bit more but cannot see any official mention of the DTK being discontinued, and obviously the Syntakt isn’t its replacement. Plus it’s still listed as a current product on the Elektron site. So situation unclear, I’ll keep an eye out for it in and maybe see if I can find one second hand otherwise.

Ive been looking out for a used one but even they seem to have dried up a lot

The most recent elektron newsletter included “Analog Heat MKII back in stock”, which was presumably due to supply chain shortages. It wasn’t discontinued, just out of stock. Maybe the DK is currently out of stock for similar reasons.

It seems to be common that retailers who can’t get stock like to claim the product is discontinued, leading to threads like this one, or that one:

Or that one:

The reports of their death were greatly exaggerated.


lol, I thought this was the analog keys thread. don’t have my glasses on.

post deleted :joy: :eyeglasses:


There were a few days in May or early June where DNKs seemed to be in stock. They ran out quickly (or I was mistaken). At the time, I interpreted this as supply-chain related.

The new website makes this harder to work with. You can “buy now” in a couple of places on the new site, and it’s only when you get to the final spot before being able to add to cart that you’re shown “out of stock”. The old site would list “out of stock” everywhere a “buy it” button was found.</rant>


I just got word from a shop that has a lot of business with Elektron. They’ve been told that the Digitone Keys will not be back in stock until November (!). But it’s not being discontinued according to them…

Edit: I just ordered one from another shop that had 1 left in stock. So they’re sold out as a result and now indicate ‘18 weeks’ delivery time which aligns with the November date the other shop mentioned.