Digitone sounds like the A4

According to a buddy. I was contemplating one. The A4 was not my thing, tone wise, contemplating a Digitone. Whatchoos think?

I had a DN and sold it. I had an A4 and sold it.


I mean- for the tone, just watch some videos on YouTube with it. Vary the videos by quality to hear a raw output and a polished one.

Not rly

This is the video that got me interested. Especially the tones in the middle. I’m not really into the pac man and R2D2 stuff like Cuckoo does, no offense. Just not my style. Looking for lush high end and ambient tones (which it seems to accel at) but I’m not so sure about the low end capabilities for psy trance style bass lines.


I dont think they sound the same at all. I hated the analog keys but I am really liking the digitone for that ambient style sound.

I have an AK, and DN and I think the DN is slightly lusher in the reverb department, otherwise they sound pretty different. Though both require you to learn how to use them properly to consistently coax good sounds out of them.

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This is psychological. They’re the same reverb algorithm

But I agree that both require getting very acquainted with to really get it

I am amazed! Maybe it’s just that sparkling digital content works so well with that algo. :slight_smile:

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It DOES work well! They mesh quite well together

Bass is not a problem on Digitone.
I wasn’t going to upload it, but here is a phone recording of the first day I had it. Excuse the terrible camerawork due to holding it with one hand while playing it with the other. Obviously the bass would be deeper still if I had recorded the direct out.


Get both, I feel like I don’t need another synth after having both , I get a very large sonic palette ( apart from a modular !)

Obviously they´re not the same due to totally different synthesis methods. Won´t / can´t sound the same, even.

I’m afraid there’s something wrong with your friend’s ears

I had an A4.
Sold it for an AK.
Sold it for an A4 Mk2.
Bought a Digitone.
Bought a second Digitone.
Want to sell my A4 Mk2

Digitone / FM synthesis are more my cups of tea.
Pads sounds lusher, warmer or colder
Basses sounds fatter and sharper
FX are crazy

The Digitone sounds the way I always wanted the Analog 4 sounded

A smallest machine that sounds better and has 4 midi tracks ^^

What Else?



my DN doesn’t really sound like my A4 tbh. Your units must be different than mine :nyan:

I’m selling my A4 because I have the DN… I think the DN has a broader range of tones. Can be sharp or smooth. Also easier to use. Some things missing though, like glide.


Strange discussion


It objectively doesn’t … :diddly:


That IS subjective. That IS my opinion, not an objective fact.