Do you have a standard 'go-to' set of tricks for scenes?

I’ve managed to setup the beat repeat delay effect and I was wondering if there are any more cool tricks that are easy to setup for some fun ideas while I am learning other aspects of the Octatrack in depth.

Anybody out there happy to share any neat stuff?

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My defaults are slice number (instant variation of kits) and highpass filter+fx sends spread over several scenes. Additionally, sometimes, I use scenes to move the focus from one track to another by reducing the decay on all tracks except one. For instance, long snare, short hats in a drum setup. Each scene with a second version with increased delay/reverb send. No stutter FX here.

I like attaching it to the note length. Sounds good if you’ve got a synth trigger every other step, you can split a synth part up into short hits or stretch it out into a continuous sound.

I mostly start experimenting with the playback speed for all tracks combined, to do some DJ sorta slowdowns. Often with delays to spread out a quick speed stutter.

One shot trigs to give a variation to your pattern without changing the pattern.

Set up a scene to use the crossfader to select a slice.

P-lock a reverb mix/time on a snare hit go give that “cavern” effect.

Using random LFO on a pitch and volume on a hihat sample to give more of a real feel.

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Use it for a lot of things, but the number one application is Master Track filter which I will use to color the entire mix continuously.

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Nice thread. I was trying to find some tips on making glitchy sounds on the OT, but couldn’t find much with the search. I haven’t had mine for very long, but here’s a few things I’ve been trying out which sound cool:

  • With a sample sliced and mapped across the sequencer, set the lfo to random on the start. Keep the lfo depth off on scene A, and put it up on scene B so it starts screwing up the loop when you crossfade.

  • Similar thing, but with trig repeats. lfo 1 to trig repeat, lfo 2 to trig delay, lfo to lfo 2 speed, to make things more random.

  • If using master track with delay, you can do beat repeat thing, just have to have it not on ‘lock’

Haven;t got the machine near me, so apologies if I’ve mislabelled things!

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Can you explain more about the one shot trigs? How do you set them up so they only play in one scene and not another… or am I misunderstanding?!

Hey there,
I’ve started to try and layout the best performance scenes for playing live on a rytm and analog 4 running into the inputs of the octatrack.

i have them as thru machines in tracks 1 and 2, and the master on track 8. i am hoping to set up one template and learn it inside and out.

i am looking for feedback or critiques on this idea below:

  • have scenes 1-12 be a mix of filters and delays with some LFO action in the latter ones
  • have scened 13-16 be stutter or beat repeat style glitches to add some flavour to the master track - how would i go about doing this please? is there a loop end length on the master track that i can keep halfing down?

please let me know what you think or if you have any cool scenes effects that you have discovered.

thanks in advance.

have a creative day!

hey there,
can you explain how to setup the beat repeat delay effect please?
i was thinking of doing a half time, then cut in half again, then cut in half again… on four scenes…

think i found it here:


the world doesn’t need any more beat repeat. =|


There’s more worlds… :wink:

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Please do tell🙂

Your world for example if your wanting more beat repeat. :wink:

Perhaps the rewording to present the descriptive adjective could be something like “custom glitch composition”.

if i remember correctly it was Ableton that coined the term “Beat Repeat” and their early versions of that effect were somewhat woeful, although top marks for effort.

I’m thinking of maybe setting up opposing filter cuts… so the bass sounds get high passed and the highs get low passed:)

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i spent so long trying to figure out a template for AB scenes and the crossfader that i actually forgot to forget everything … as in, totally forgot to have extreme fun with the Octatrack’s x-fader/scene capability.

My main use of the OT is to play out with it as the main hub for the Rytm and A4 - to remove my laptop completely. So the scenes will be HUGE in my use of it. I really want to make on template top notch then try to really master how to use it.

just fill both your rytm and A4 with as many different songs / patterns / samples etc and then just switch between them with the ot . i use the rytm on track 1 with tracks 2/3/4 as neighbor effects chains. a4 on track 5 with 6/7 as neighbor effects and a master on 8 . this should give you tons to play with and keep it relatively simple

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wow that is a lot of effects to play with set up that way!
i am planning on using some samples for “top beats” and “top bass” on two tracks… but could use neighbour tracks for some the rytm and a4 ins…

what are your fave effects for each?