Do you stand or sit when making music at home?

Curious. And why?

I’m a sitter. Because standing for hours is tiresome.

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Both. I sit while putting together a sequence. I stand while playing saxophone, and I usually stand when getting anything resembling a performance for a recording take (any instrument/electronic box). Something about standing and performing puts my brain in a more energetic place.


I stand, mostly because my workflow is fairly live and performance oriented (even if I’m only performing to myself), so it just feels more natural standing up.
If I was tracking stuff and arranging in a DAW a lot I would probably do that sitting down.

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I sit at a desk for short periods. Gone are the days of spending hours labouring over a desk.

Got so much more joy out of my machines when I got a shelf to stand in front of. Dancing to the music is very important!
When it‘s geting tiresome I got this hydraulic stool thing (?).

I got no computer in the music setup, though.

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I have my MPC and AS-1 on a standing table with my Eurorack on a second tier. The table IS adjustable, though, so if I want to sit I can. I always sit when I’m mixing.

I am an animator by trade so I spend all day sitting at a desk. It’s nice to stand up and feel more physical when actually making music. I was a drummer for most of my life so I need to feel that muscle memory when I play.


Echoing others, predominantly sitting for more program oriented stuff, standing for more performance oriented stuff. Either way the ability to move around while creating is huge, even if it’s just wandering away from the desk for 30 second, it feels like my ears and brain are able to breathe more, and often moving around gives me ideas.

Also having a desk that’s about waist / stomach height and an appropriate chair for sitting at that level were game changers for me being able to move freely between the two.


I couldn’t decide, so I bought a cheap lil standing desk frame and built a big ass plywood desktop for it. Standing is really good for my focus and since I work all day at this same desk it can really help change the way my room feels.
I like to stand when I’m doing music, especially since i usually have a guitar on my shoulder too.

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I sit when mixing & stand for the most part when creating, I sit when doing more detailed stuff. Most of the time I’ll start out sitting, then I just can’t help myself, I gotta get up & move to the beat

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Both. Good ergonomics are quite important to me although I have to trade some of that off by having too much gear. If i’m sat down too long I want to stand and if i’m standing too long I want to sit.

Many of my stands are very adjustable so I can switch between the 2 and get an optimal position

Why choose? :laughing:

Do both


Yeah I recently bought a standing desk since working from home is possible now.
Put all my gear on it, LOVE IT!
Sit, when my ass gets tired, stand, and vice versa

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I would 100% fall off that chair.

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Same, where do you work?

Sit when composing, mixing, editing
Stand when performing / recording (most times)

I stand all day at work, so sitting and creating is a nice physical + mental relief. I also have a Subpac S2 connected to my chair, it aids in my composing and mixing stages. It actually provides a nice little back cushion too.

I’m a freelance motion designer. Mostly 3D work. I had been working for a live events production company but you can imagine how well that went this year…

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I was just thinking about this! Coming from the angled interface thread?

I sit. I was just wondering if when I do a live gig for the first time, let’s say a small private party or something, I’ll be able to do it normally. No idea. I get tired from just thinking of standing for to hours. Curious to hear peoples answers

Timely topic for me as well. I’ve done both but recently have been sitting. Today I’m raising my desk to a standing desk and seeing how that goes. I find that its hard to do only one or the other for many hours at a time anyway.

I have music machines at various heights; so I stand, sit, and kneel. it’s good to change things up. keep moving.


My low back/hips don’t feel good if I sit too long so I try to mix it up.