Dodgy purchases

It occurred to me to mention

So we all like to buy gear. But some of us are hamstrung by a critical other.

So what is your most risky as in buy it and you are dead purchase and how did you get round it ?

Share your mr smooth technique :+1:

If you’re talking about partners, mine is very much ok with me buying gear as long as I have enough money for mortgage, food, savings etc. She spends about the same on furniture and the garden (granted that stuff is for both of us to enjoy :stuck_out_tongue: ). She even said to me the other day, “One day you’ll get into eurorack. You might as well, you keep talking about it” lol


Sounds like she’s planning an affair!


My wife doesn’t mind what I buy, nor do I mind what she buys, so long as we do not use credit and all the bills are paid no problem.


Am I the only bloke who’s a bit offended by the premise of this topic?



My other half encourages gear purchases far more than i even think about buying gear.


Why are you offended by a topic of a partner criticising your spending?

Err - what is offensive here?

Yeah I was reluctant to post in here tbh, seems like such a cliche “oh the ol’ ball and chain” etc like our partners are some kind of burden. I’m happy to be in a relationship of mutual respect; we both have expensive hobbies so can understand each other spending lots of money on them… also she encouraged me to reduce my hours at work so I can concentrate a bit more on my youtube channel :smiley:


You’re tone is a bit vulgar, twice u’ve made suggestive replies, u edited the last one but it involved swinging. Secondly this idea that wives are some ball and chain is a bit last century don’t u think?


Separate finances. Also, my gear purchases are tax deductible due to making music for a living. That’s how I justify it to me.

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Yeah to be fair those replies about affairs/swinging were a bit lame


You are assuming this only refers to female partners?


I was only having a laugh Sorry for the offense

No, but I don’t think I have to name every possible congenital relationship type to make my point

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Are you assuming this only refers to biological partners?
My 'takt has been practically begging for me to bring a 'tone into the relationship. Shocking, I know.


As a gay man with a male partner I am offended by your assumption.

No I am not gay but do you get my point?

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I don’t know what that means, but u sound like a bit of a perv, I’m out of here

I don’t know how to answer that😳

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