Does anyone really use their Octatrack/Digitakt/etc on the couch?

I use use my TR8-S on the sofa quite a bit. (Thats where I write drum patterns for my tracks)
Digitakt when I had one.
Electribe when I had one.

The studio is my favourite space to work though. So I’d rather be in there. I can move around more. Movement is key.

This makes me uncomfortable…

Also, are you bathing in sangria? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I showed this picture to my partner and she says to me before seeing my reply “Are they bathing in sangria?”. lol


Octa on the moor
Take it to the moor
Bring a power pack
And you plug it in

I don’t like couches. I didn’t have one in my solo apartment. My partner bought one but she uses it, not me. Apart from dedicated music furniture, I make music at the kitchen table, but that’s where I mostly work, also. This did not stop me from buying various power packs and cables… just in case.


Yes! Though I bought a spare power supply and keep it next to the couch so I don’t have to go rummaging under the desk.

Couch, reclyner, porch, vacation. Normally with headphones but I bought a small keyboard amp that is very handy.

Would be awesome if there was a battery version of the digitakt with speakers I would buy one, loving my mpc live 2 mainly because of these features

I can’t stand the idea of dropping my Digitakt. And I will probably never trust anyone’s recommendation for a chord battery combo because the idea of frying it is too deeply wired into the irrational fear section of my brain. So nah, the Digitakt stays on my desk.

I also have a Novation Circuit Rhythm, which seems more intended for that kind of thing and I like using it on the couch and in the yard. Plus if something did happen, everything’s on the micro sd whereas it’s on the plus drive for the Digitakt.

Lithium Polymer can be hazardous, especially if the number of cells exceeds 2. Unbalanced LiPo cells under 3.0 volts can lead to not only your beloved Elektron box burning but your home as well. LiFe (Lithium Ferrite I believe) is a more stable chemistry.

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I use lots of gear on the couch. I feel like I write patterns and patches best that way with one machine at a time and then I combine them on the desk to play them.
I have an outlet near my couch so no need to screw around with batteries. Sometimes I have the gear in my lap, sometimes on an organ bench (I need to build a coffee table).


The Tracker and speakers (off picture) were powered by a powerbank, no real danger there.
As for the sangria… I used a bathbomb gf gave me ^^

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I regularly will grab a groovebox and headphones, and sit on a room floor or outside deck to work on song ideas. Depending on the groovebox, I might also bring a small USB keyboard controller.

I like to work on making new sounds on A4 or Digitone in bed.

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good stuff, could you point out which gear you are using for this (so I can buy the same)

That’s a little wooden tray from Amazon, Ravpower battery pack, and the two stands/brackets are 3D printed, bought via local classified ads.

The tray could be a bit bigger, but works well on a cushion. And I plan to add some velcro to stick the brackets to the Octatrack and the tray. I guess I could velcro the battery pack, too.

The microfiber cloth is there to stop things slipping around until the velcro goes on.

sometimes my daughter just wants me next to her, I wanna be there too. this works:


I sit upright on the couch with my Analog Four on a laptop stand at about chest height in front of me (there’s a power socket on the wall beside the couch). Very comfortable and it’s nice that I can be with my wife in the living room while working sometimes instead of always being in my studio.

Be careful of working lying down (or any way that your head and neck is bent). I used to do that and would get so engrossed in the music that I’d forget how long I was there. One morning after working like that I turned my head and a sharp pain went down my neck and spine. Gave me a very bad upper back/neck/shoulder injury for a while. It sometimes comes back a little but overall I’m fine now as long as I’m careful.


Well that’s a pity :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks, and which type of ripcord are you using there for the octa (how many V)?

I’ve used my Octatrack on my lap before. Connecting to power is a pain, but a couple of years ago I bought a Ravpower thingee that features a mains plug connection. I was playing my Octatrack for 2 hours on it - and powering my Faderfox UC4 - and the battery was only half-drained! Good stuff!

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12 volts