DT and DN screen colour

I don’t really like the screen colour on the Digi’s, not quite yellow not quite green and I find it a bit tiring on the eyes, and if I’m honest not that aesthetically pleasing either. Anyone else? Anyone tried adding tinted film to change colour? Anyone done a screen swap?

I really do like the OTmkII screen with white on black it is very easy on the eye and looks very nice too, I wonder if they are the same type as used in the Digi’s?

Agree, not a huge fan of the yellow/green weirdness. But I try not to think about it much.

A slightly reddish screen tint might be cool to get rid of some of the blue or green or whatever it is that’s making it look more “icky”, make it a little more orange so it matches the FUNC button & text better?

Or I wonder if there’s a tint you could use to just make it grey?

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When I first got the DT it absolutely killed my eyes. I thought I was going to have to get rid of it, but I got used to it over time. Definitely would prefer white on black or, even better, the other way around.

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I love the colour of the DT DN screens personally. by far my faves.


slight bit of sarcasm hope i wont get flagged as usual

why don’t you memorize the ui? hehheee no more need to look at the screen

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There’s a green tint?

On both of mine it is a kind of bile green :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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same z’s

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I’ve always felt they were mustard yellow but I have trouble with colors.

the way @darenager sees it is how I see it too. Like a hyperpigmented yellow with a touch of bile green.

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I like the citrus-on-black look.

Be nice if they sold upgrade packs to install on a MK1 OT …

Honestly I’d prefer if all elektron screens looked like @pidgeo avatar.


Bright blue would be cool.

I’d be open for purple as well.

If I were technically savvy it might be something I did

I’d say there is a good chance this is a standard part (meaning not specifically buiilt for Elektron) and that it comes in other monochrome OLED colors. If i recall correctly it’s soldered in but that’s no biggie.

There is a OLED blue Ryan.

There would be white and a color filter option too. So you could change it depending on your mood!

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I think that color with the Digitone would be satisfying as heck!

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I’ve got a blue one for you.
I prefer purple (haze).https://www.elektronauts.com/uploads/default/original/3X/e/7/e71f7af0657a1be5e4da65c70f5a19052da4527c.png


I haven’t felt this prematurely in love since high school :heart_eyes:

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Just remember blue light is very bad for your eyes.

What?! How?!?!?!