End clicking on Digitone with Retrokits midi cable?

Hi everyone,
I have been struggling with the “same-note clicking” problem on the Digitone. It takes away from an otherwise amazing instrument. This is a well documented and easily verifiable problem, which has been acknowledged by many, including people at Elektron. (Please see the thread titled “Why is the Digitone clicking?” for further explanation. Around the latter half of the thread some consensus is achieved.)

It occurred to me that using the Retrokits RK-002 midi cable with the Digitakt firmware installed might solve this problem. Basically, one could load the same patch onto all four tracks and play the Digitone polyphonically that way. The “same-note clicking” problem arises when you play the same note with a long release repeatedly. Even when multiple voices are available, the Digitone uses the same voice to play the repeated note, resulting in voice stealing and, thus, clicking. What the Retrokits cable does is make sure that each note is played on a different track, on its own channel, allowing one to bypass the problematic voice allocation system on the Digitone. Would this work? Has anyone tried the cable on the Digitone? It would be great to know if this works before ordering the cable. (I think I remember that Ctrl-All also works on the Digitone, even though I use this more on the Digitakt…am I right that I could control all four tracks on the Digitone this way?) Thank you all for your help!

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