Favourite Multitrack EQ for mixing/mastering

Past couple of months Ive been sequencing/recording out of the box and am looking for the best tool/vst to help me speed up my post cleanup/mixdown process as my mixes are overly muddy (even though I purposely like them heavy on low end).

I currently multi track record the inputs of the Apollo (synths, Elektrons etc) into Ableton/Logic and looking for a badass vst/au with the best visual representation of clashing frequencies and superimposed EQ (all tracks together) to help me nail some tougher sections (damn you Vermona/OB6/Voyager Filters!!!) :joy::joy:

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Cheers :+1::+1::+1:

Fabfilter Pro-Q gets used a lot for surgical here. Started learning Eiosis Air recently too but in middle of mixing a lot of stuff and don’t really want to veer off atm with getting familiar with new/different tools. Sounded good from the little time I had on it.

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Nice thanks :sunglasses: i will definitely check it out as I’ve not heard of it. Using our favorite search engine brought up Blue Cat FreqAnalyst, Melda MMultiAnalyzer and Izotope Neutron (which apparently is really bad ass).

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the new Izotope Neutron is build for that.
i really like voxengo glissEQ because you can copy every track spectrum in one instance so you can see exactly what’s happening and where…

Neutron looks good but a little expensive… also, it doesnt seem like you can use the Masking feature to view all the tracks simultaneously. Moreover, I would like to find a plugin that helps with intelligent algorithms not just for a snippet of audio but rather for the whole stems as they evolve…

The track assistant on Neutron is compelling, but seems like if you progress through the audio and the filters etc really change the sound, you will need to freeze, flatten, freeze, flatten, each part/snippet of audio… or do some crazy automation – which is just a little too much work for me at present…

Does anything like this actually exist? I wonder…

i love my Softube Console 1 for that. Amazing sound and usability.


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very cool but thats a controller for UA/softube vsts rather than a multitrack eq analyser vst itself no?

have you tried the demo for the second item i mention :

Applications :
Track equalizer
Mastering equalizer
Stereo, mid-side, 5.1 surround equalizer
Dynamic equalizer
FFT spectrum analyzer
Multi-track spectrum comparison
Transparent equalizer
Smooth harmonic enhancer

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not yet, am researching… i will try all the demos, this also looks great. there is no AI to help “suggest” a starting point ala Neutron right?

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okay… think about frequency masking.
If i have problems to fix my mix in the low end i use Neutron for frequency masking and visualisation.
that works…

Never looked at this plug before. Looks good, didnt know there were multitrack eqs out there, thanks for heads up :slight_smile:

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Yup, I get how Neutron works, but not sure how softube console 1 is relevant as its a controller?

I love the UAD Harrison 32C to bits, but any eq will do I suppose

Tokyo Dawn make a free and powerful EQ for daw use.

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Tokyo Dawn’s Nova has been a real lifesaver on a few poorly mixed projects I’ve received. I can’t believe that thing is free. The Harrison’s are great for broad band adjustments but it is far from surgical, not really the best choice for fixing frequency clashing problems IMO


Dynamic EQ’s are where it’s at, I use the one from Ozone 7 all the time. Great visual feedback of how the compression is working and ability to process m/s, L+R, or everything.

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Lol i had no idea they made a dynamic EQ … i don’t even know what a dynamic EQ is… multiband compression perhaps?

i use http://www.tokyodawn.net/tdr-vos-slickeq/

they make a Gentleman’s Edition for those inclined towards payment.

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Dynamic eq is a bit different than multi band compression. You can use multiband to do similar stuff but the shape is very different with the crossover filters versus the bell shapes.

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come to think of it, the Knee setting on a compressor very much influences the nature and sound of the compressed result … that is working with a single crossover filter in a way, i guess?

i should read about dynamic EQ… maybe it’s been mentioned b4 but this is the first time i’ve ever registered that it is something different to regular EQ :smiley:

oh well it’s all about the adventure … the adventure is the arrival.
or should i say the information is the archival.
The journey is the gemstone?
Okay i won’t continue on this impromptu word poem.

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