Fix Case Wobble/Warp. Uneven Chassis Footing

Hey I bought an octatrack and its got a terrible wobble to it. Is there a solution to fix this? One more practical than putting a few napkins under it?

case might be screwed together too tight. Had the same thing with a Rytm and I loosened the screws a tad. Fixed.


No doubt discussed for OT too elsewhere, but solutions here will also be applicable


I had an Analog Four Mk1 once and it wasn´t flat on the undersurface. It was wiggely as hell. Now I got an Octatrack MK2 and it also wiggles. Nope it´s not the table :wink:

Bugs me a lot to be honest. Might I be able to get that fixed under warranty? Is anyone else expierience such quality issues in terms of the case?

Just press it down on the corners until it is flat. Steel is flexible.


I hope your joking

Why? It’s true. :content:
You need a kind of very flat thing like marble to check. Take pictures! Pads may change the stability.

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I had an EMX1 that was wonky, I just bent it into shape. It wont hurt the internal boards.
You could waste time and money on a warranty claim, or just bend it yourself!

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I’ve experienced this on my AR and A4 mk1’s. Not an issue on my OTmk2 though. Kinda annoying but they are rack mounted now so isn’t an issue anymore.

It´s not true. :joy: You can´t bend it on a flat surface BECAUSE it is flexible it won´t stay. Shure you could bend it by pushing it on some edge, but this I really would not do.

Why would I waste money on a warranty claim. Those rather expensive Boxes have 4 feet and to be honest I think one can expect them to stand on those.


I noticed that previously on other metal case gear. Really annoying. But sometimes it was my wooden table! :smile:
Anyway it’s possible that your gear is not flat.
My main OCD is black color now. :wink:

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Push harder.

I’ve had this issue and it is annoying, all that money and every time I hit a trig/pad it wobbles? Couldn’t answer on warranty nor bending steel because I’m not Superman, I added a piece of one sided felt to the obnoxiously off foot. Good luck.

Slacken the front panel screws slightly, place on hard flat surface and press down the corners then re-tighten the screws.

Speak to support, they will advise you exactly how to ‘bend’ it should you wish using the techniques alluded to above. That is what they would do. No point in losing your unit for a while, creating its own handling risks then throw in the extra avoidable ‘air miles’. If you can’t sort it with guidance (i’m sure you will be protected if you endeavor to do so) then they’ll obviously resolve it for you.


You got to be kidding me. I had an analog four mk1 that was wiggeling and sold it partly because of that. The octatrack is just now in schweden for repair, partly because it wiggles as hell. Guess what, today an analog four mk2 arrived. It wiggles!! My rytm is the only flat elektron maschine. And I had a digitakt once which did not wiggle.

I have the same issue with my OT MKII. It’s not terrible and I just pressed it out a bit but I’m going to try loosening the face plate screws to see it that fully resolves the issue. Thing is built like a tank. I’m comfortable giving it a bit of flex to straighten it out. :slight_smile:

This is a great idea, will try it on my rytm, thanks!

i can confirm… trick works. loosened bolts about 60-70%, partially placed A4 on corner of solid table top so the corner of the surface is in horizontally center on the side closest to me and proceeded to press on the two culprit (opposite) corners. I pressed as hard as i could with what little space i have without pressing on the controls. Rocked it a little. This made things a little uneven the other way (but less) so i rotated and repeated on the other two corners. And one more rotate and evened it out perfectly. Took about 5-6 presses total and good as gold. I tightened the bolts about 95% of how tight they were before. Nice to even it out because its been lop sided since the day I unpacked it.