Future (actual) OT2 owner questions

Hello all ! :slight_smile:

First, im very happy coz i ordered MK2 this morning and it’s shipping… i’ll receive it maybe tomorrow or wednesday… (took the grey… <3 )

so i will have some questions :

1- got 1 Gb splice samples, how much is the MB/s speed of USB>CF card transfer ? (included CF)

2- if u know splice samples structure… it’s lots of folders / subs … so it’s better if i extract all .wav in 1 folder right ? (faster to browse names / better workflow yes ?)

3- can u “chord” samples on 1 track, or u got to resample 3,4 tracks to 1 ?


  1. No idea. Mostly depends on your computer right? My solid state laptop is mega fast.

  2. Totally up to you.

  3. Correct. Each track monophonic. Resample to make layers.


Thx !

You should have ordered DPS1 MKII! :content:

  1. Up to you

  2. Resampling on several tracks is simpler. (Some trickery possible with delay on 1 track for stabs but OT tracks are monophonic).

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i’ll trick :smiley:

The best way for me to work with samples in the OT is sample chains, you can use OctaChainer and OctaEdit for this.

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Still waiting for the new version of OctaEdit. I’m not sure if it’s worth the 100 bucks tho, will have to look into it more.

it’s to avoid computer music totally coz that’s bored me… headache… no PLAY.

probably possible, i’ll try to use another pattern and drop chords sample in some channel and resample master …

You can maybe ask @Rusty to give a try at the test version and see for yourself.

can i let the OT always in USB MOde ? to send samples from pc , & backup compact flash on pCloud ?

When you have the USB mode on, the OT becames a mere CF card interface, so you can´t use it more than like a storage drive.

If you don´t want to use a computer even to create sample chains, you can create them withing the OT, but it takes more time and effort. I think the fastest way is with OctaChainer.

What is your computer?
USB connection can cause freezes with macs.

Stab record on 1 track trick :

Slow tempo, Flex track T1
Delay time = 64, feedback 126?
Step 1 Note 1
Step 5 Note 2
Step 9 Note 3
Step 13 a one shot rec trig recording its track (SRC3=T1)


a windows 10 & linux (ubuntu-studio).

i receive the OT wednesday normally. :slight_smile:

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No you should not have the ot connected to the computer when using it. There’s been common crashes related to this. Make sure you have the octatrack turned OFF when connecting the usb cable as well.


Aye, i’ve read this in the quick guide but have forgoten lol… THX :slight_smile:

1- i will switch off,
2- plug USB… (i saw u can insert/eject compact Flash while ON, right ?)
3- power ON,
4- enable USB MODE ON,
5- copy or sync to HDD/cloud,

6- USB mode OFF
7- power OFF
8- unplug USB,

9- power ON
10- PLAY…

Good steps ?

i have Cubase 7.5 & BITWIG STUDIO 2, is it possible to sync the OT2 & the DAW to record in sync what i play on OT2 ? (OT2 as master, not DAW sequencer )

also i got Omnisphere 2 (crazy !!! the only VSTi that sounds …), do i sequence it in standalone or i can put Bitwig STUDIO in slave, synced, and sequence 2-3 Omnisphere 2 VSTi & REC also OT jacks OUT ?

ah ! the chromatic keyboard has # notes ?

Yes you can sync and slave to/from a DAW.

For the Usb cable, just plug it whenever you need to and think about removing it afterwards. No need to turn off the OT though according my experience.


I find its easier to chord before you import. Will be more in the planning stage but you can quickly bang out several chords and put them in seperate folders.

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if in far future i buy a NDLR, does OT live REC will record all chords/scales & even arpegiator in-milliseconds speed variations not as steps but as MIDI notes for MIDI tracks ?

& can u play same pattern in arranger mode live REC & REC midi in performances on a MIDI track ?

& is it always quantized/synced ?

i languish wednesday lol !