Future (actual) OT2 owner questions

You shouldn’t have to power off to disconnect. Only when connecting to the computer.

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You can disable quantized recording which will allow a recorded resolution of 1/320th notes or something like that. The midi tracks support 4 notes but they will all hit at the same time you can’t do like a ripple up to a sustained chord or anything for those kind of things maybe a ndlr or dedicated polyphonic sequencer may be a better choice keep the octa on bass and arps.


Same here, never had an issue for years. Actually I didn’t even know it was recommend…

Different midi tracks on the same midi channel would get you more polyphony and more freedom placing notes.


True if you’re only using one or two synths externally you can definitely dedicate a few tracks to one synth if you wanted to.


Can you name (mostly MIDI) tracks to remember? like Blofeld , NL2X,etc…

No, not possible (aka tape&pen if you need a reminder).

You can write reminder notes in the arranger and let them pop up on the screen, though! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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thx, ill map default tracks to that instrument… and just name project…(…)

or i order MIDI tracks by acquisition chronology lol…

Blofeld… NL2X, Minibrute,… or by placement , when i’ll have space (more !!!) to setup all-together…

im changing living… department… i leave my appart to somewhere behind, where the music does not annoy neighbors…


** Votre Colissimo confié par AUDIOSOLUTIONS vous sera livré le mardi 27 avril 2021.***

ordered this morning, i receive tomorrow, normal+signature shipping… 100 Km shop,

in “couvre-feu” (north france confined…), 10km deplacements on journey only here…



Ya pas que les chtis de confinés eh ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Good reception!


le nord pour nous c’est Aix-en-Provence et au-dessus lol… à part kkes villes comme Avignon, Orange, Gap, c’est chez nous ! c’est pareil lol !

PS: les ch’tis sont adorables, très gentils ! ici c’est remplis d’abrutis… c’est devenu INVIVABLE, à part Marseille même, qui elle se gouverne toute seule LOL… <3

moi chui de Martigues…

Ye friend THX :pray: @sezare56 sezare56 friend of top north of France. :herb:


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ordered at AUDIOSOLUTIONS.FR … im a good client, bought NL2X, DJM-450, DDJ-1000… they have the very best prices, even better than thomann !!!

DDJ-1000 price was 1300€…
paid 1050 at :

(edit: 1070 €… just asked a promotion (past client) … not even negociated ; VERY FAIR !)


some ad :slight_smile:

… i had liked to test some MOOGs, Prophets, Q, etc… “sur place”… but "couvre-feu and Essence… lol (10km limit…)

edit: paid OT2 1249€…

Firstly, i create a SET, and i put my name ?

like session user/login on windows ?

& how i save ALL-IN ?

  1. If you want to.

  2. Sure, if you want to see it like that.

  3. Save project. Or Back up. Also, copy entire card contents to folder on your computer.


I think so, but I may be a wee bit biased.

There will be a Demo version of OctaEdit v2 available.

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(assuming there’s a 16GB CF card)

just made a 12GB library of my best samples… (had to remove 9GB) , i kept folders structures , there may be .txt files…

i saw there a topik about CF cards… i’ll check later…

ATM i cant sleep lol !

Just wait till you get it. Plenty of sleepless nights comin’ your way .:slight_smile:


Ye ofc :laughing: , imagine my wait + doing apéro (aperitive ), listening 80s pop ATM, i had a Flashback :slight_smile:

Read the manual twice! :content:

I just broke my scene B button!
No sure to sleep well either.


have read quick one twice, i think it’s enough atm… i’ll go indeep if i dunno how to do something ; if there something i dont understand i’ll ask. :slight_smile: