Hardware glitch effects box

I was thinking - are there any decent hardware boxes for glitching things out in real-time. I’m thinking like the effects on a PO, something you can route your audio/midi through, crank knobs and mess around with things, but have some control over keeping it all in time and musical and getting back to where you were. I love Ctrl-all on the digits, but those focus more on sound qualities, over more timing based stuff.

I know some of the pedals are good, like the microcosm just wondered if there was stuff for making more staccato, glitchy stuff, not so much looping or reverb things.

Ps this more of an ‘interested to know’ thread than anything else.

Pps - not modular!

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Roland aira scatter devices
Pioneer Rmx 1000


If modular is banned ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), Meris Ottobit Jr is pretty great Ottobit Jr. - Meris. Main attraction is bit crushing and sample rate reduction, but it also has a stutter you can dial in that will trigger semi randomly: across the stutter knob there’s about 30 or so different ones, grouped by same speed/double speed/half speed, and you can also set it to random. If you also control sample rate reduction/bit rate over MIDI you can get cool results, and it sounds super nice on drums. One downside is that despite being a stereo pedal the stutters are mono, but YMMV on how big a deal that is.

You can also do some pretty gnarly stuff on Octatrack by p-locking retrigger, rate and pitch (and the ‘lo fi’ bitcrusher effect as well if you want to go even harder).

And sorry, this is modular, but it looks super cooll Data Bender — Qu-Bit Electronix


Timetosser looks pretty sweet – I wonder if “the effect” becomes boring quickly. I think I’ll wait for the Syntakt which will have this functionality as well since 379€ is pretty much … but I wanna still have it :smiley:

OCTA :clap: TRACK :clap:
OCTA :clap: TRACK :clap:
OCTA :clap: TRACK :clap:
OCTA :clap: TRACK :clap:

Basic approach:

  1. Put in a recording trig on track one, so that you are constantly sampling the input into your buffer.
  2. Setup as many flex machines as you want, all pointing back to the same record buffer
  3. Add in a slice grid to that buffer
  4. Put trigs and plocks everywhere

Octatrack is king of glitch :nerd_face:


I’ve watched many videos on the octatrack but never seen people doing time based mashups - though it can be hard to tell what’s going on in many videos.

Does it take a lot of setting up to get there, or can you just get twitchy on a whim?



There isn’t much more to it than what I posted above, to get started.

The recording trig ensures that your buffer is always full of audio content. The slice grid lets you automatically create slices across that grid. The trigs allow you to play arbitrary slices wherever you place them, and plocks let you modify any of the machine parameters on a per-step basis.

Set up the machines and the trigs and you just need to plug an audio source in and press play. Glitching happens automatically. Of course you can modify things in real time, use the crossfader, etc.


I would mention the Empress Zoia. It’s got loads of potential for remixing on the fly.

I also owned the RMX-1000 for a few years (sold it 2 years ago).

  • Very accessible and easy to operate as there are virtually no menus
  • Has a 1 to 1 copy VST version that let’s you use the hardware as controller and can operate several instances on multiple tracks in your DAW


  • Definitely noticed a change to the audio passing through. Wouldn’t really say it sounded worse but it definitely coloured the sound even when “bypassed”
  • effects were decent but you don’t get a lot of parameters for each one. In general you get two but some can be swapped out via the editor. I felt pretty pigeon-holed after using it for a year.
  • No Din MIDI, usb only, so no sync options with a Hardware setup
  • Despite having two sets of inputs and outputs, only one can be used at a time (technically I was able to use both but if I recall correctly, it summed both to mono)

I had it paired with my Octatrack (using Cue out as “dirty” send channel") but eventually realized the Octatrack itself did everything the RMX did so I sold it and bought a Zoia which blows it out of the water!


I think octatrack glitch can become boring quickly

People ( and I’m guilt of this ) mostly :-
Filter sweep
Slow down / reverse
Pitch up / down
Fade in fx
Have a sequence retrigger live sample bits

All covered in the thread ‘things that make me go meh’

But - if you dig deeper you’ll be able to get original sounding glitch / transitions out of it

Nice melodic glitching like you might hear in telefon tel aviv tracks is ( I understand) lots of hand done intricate work , still sounds great 10/15+ years since release.


wasn’t he using MaxMSP heavily?


Gotharman’s boxes can get you into a lot of harsher sides of glitch.

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I’m thinking more his early 2001 ish releases
Not sure if max existed , I think I asked a while ago on Twitter how he did it and he replied by hand.

These days - many ways in a daw

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Yeah I’m not against doing stuff by hand. My preferred method is to create a setup where improvisation is possible - record in midi and then clean up by hand. The problem with Carl-all on the digis, for example, is that it’s very suited to a live jam but I don’t find there’s much you can do with it afterwards.

So I guess I want things to drive inspiration rather than just give me instant polish.

I imagine reading this somewhere with no context. You’d make a great poet.


now I’m reading it with the melody of “Jingle Bells” … Octatrack, Octatrack, Octa all the way :smiley: Oh what fun it is for some, putting in all the trigs – HEY!! Octatrack, Octatrack …

Merry X Mas fellas!


Another option is the Atomizer built in to the Virus TI series, probably one of the most underused features on the synth.

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TWA Side Step plus any pedal/box with expression pedal input could be fun


if roland would release a standalone version of the scatter effect on the tr8, same layout/knobs etc., id be willing to pay a stupid amount for it.
tried several other similar effects, nothin else quite captures it!

To OP: just picked up a timetosser, really like it so far, still figuring out how it all works, but its cool