Has Elektron lost focus as a company?

I watched the early YouTube demonstrations of Syntakt with interest, having high hopes of a really nice synth unit. But what did we get? Yet another unit that can do drums, a little bit of analog synth, some digital synth with a chord oscillator, a touch of FM, and no sampling. It is like they are afraid to release a focused machine that does one thing really well and doesn’t try to be everything. Granted, it is not a sampler, but I sort of wish it was if it is going to be a drum machine, and maybe in the future they will add it like they did with other machines. I really wish it had been “just a synth” focusing on either digital or analog.

And it is not just Syntakt. It seems like all of their units now try to do a bit of everything without being the best they can be in one area. This is fine for the user that has only one unit, but how many of us here have just one unit? Not me.

Edit: Just a note to people reading this for the first time. This is a long thread with a lot of discussion and changes in view. The biggest thing I learned is that takt in Swedish basically names the unit as a drum machine. Thus, SynTakt goes to SynthDrum. That makes sense to me. I also evolved my view from “lost focus” to “has a different focus than I expected.” i.e., all in one beat boxes and drum machines. So please, join the discussion and keep it civil. It is, after all, just a discussion. :slight_smile:




There are many users out there that do not have an Elektron box yet and the Syntakt is really good for them!


They’re just moving to a system more similar to large companies like Roland and Akai. Have a synth platform. Re-use technology. Release new products often. As opposed to releasing 1-2 flagship devices that get major support for over a decade.


When someone makes a “new” thread like this, does it try to compile it with the thousands of others in the same way as if I were to make an “RYTM pads” thread?


Yeah i was not impressed

It might have a few unique tricks but it is a mix of Rytm and Cycle with some new machines

I am more interested in a A4mk2


I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed as well.

It’s a terrific machine, though, no doubt. Packed with features.

But it feels more like repackaging stuff taken from older products.

As compared to new underdog companies, it lacks something badly: innovation.


Wait, you want it to focus on just one thing but then you want Syntakt to do more than it does?

I’m not trying to be mean, but maybe it’s not Elektron that’s not focused.


knew we’d get a thread like this before long.


can’t please everyone


Yeah, Elektron are shit.

I mean, they’ve just made pretty much exactly the piece of gear I’ve been hoping for, but there’s some people on the internet that think it’s shit, so I guess Elektron really are completely mental bastards after all.


Honestly there will never be a product that satisfies everyone.

I’ll bow out as there’s enough hype threads.

Nothing wrong with people venting frustration. It’ll make the product line better for everyone later.


honestly syntakt should have been a digitakt update.
being it a “digital drum computer” and all…


YEAH not super stoked on this release I feel like I could do everything the Syntakt does on a more focused machine. The aesthetics of the Syntakt arent pushing any new boundaries. I kinda expected more without realizing it …


“New sounds from a new place” should have probably been “our best sounds all in one place” or something.


Whilst this doesnt do it for me aesthetically and form factor, nor blown me away with any demos, I can still feel that it’s got a lot under the hood and see why it will please some.

I’ve given up on my dreams of the elektron everything box in Silver retro form.


I feel like thats the elektron style? Keeping things under the hood with updates and such. Maybe lets not count out this synth yet? The silver has gotta be my favourite as well the MKII silver doesnt hit the same

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Focused on giving people what they want.
But the problem is you can’t get everyone what they want, and not every box is the right box for a given person. And that’s okay.

I know a couple people who tour that have told me this will lighten their flight case considerably.


Here comes my question, can the digital voices from the Syntakt not be implemented on the Digitakt?


I hear you and welcome @DERELICKMYSNARE

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