Help. Digitone Keys screen looks like its detaching?

Hello. I just bought a digitone keys locally, and am super excited to get this in the mix. Its in fantastic shape, however, when I just unboxed it I noticed the display looked a bit odd. I took off the protective plastic and it looks like the screen underneath is con-caved? Or detaching a bit? Has anyone had this happen? I did a quick google search and didn’t see anything. Maybe its from too much humidty? Thanks for any info or insight…

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Hello, that’s indeed curious and shouldn’t be like that… you can contact elektron support to have it repaired (sometimes I feel sad about thoses package of gears going back and forth around the world for small inconveniance repair [even though I understand that when you pay the price for a gear you are legitimate to receive it mint, just saying…])

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Welcome, I didn’t know the keys had internal lamination of any kind but it looks like you are correct, there is separation of some sort occurring between the screen and the bezel.

as you can see the normal digitone has no internal laminate on the interior bezel face, only that which comes out of the box to protect the anterior bezel face.

In this case even if you are comfortable opening up your machine, I recommend you actually create a ticket with Elektron support regardless of whether or not you have any remaining warranty.

Also it appears as though the part which is delaminating is above the back plate you see in my photo, but below the bezel, which is extra mysterious…

Thanks for the info! Yea im so bummed, I was looking forward to this synth. The seller is totally cool and will refund it, but that just means im back on the hunt. I did contact support so I’ll see what they say or suggest.

If anyone dealt with this please let me know…

thanks a lot for that info! I did create a ticket and prob wont open myself unless its a pretty simple operation…

it’s simple to open but regardless I would leave it alone unless you have no other choice but to act on your own just to “preserve the scene of the crime” as the police say.

I don’t want to speculate because I’ve never seen inside a keys model but it is counterintuitive to believe that a semi transparent (as opposed to fully transparent) sticker of any kind would be used on the interior bezel face of the factory packaging which means (speculatively) this is either a) oversight by the factory, or b) indication the screen was replaced after the fact and someone forgot to remove the back protector before they glued the bezel in. Before we jump to any conclusions I hope someone with better info about the keys model will chime in. Good luck either way man. you can still play it for now, the screen won’t blow up in the meantime, lot of good tips about digitones on this forum which you can check out in the interim :slight_smile:

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I wonder if in any case the support can legitimate that you open it by yourself and therefore having you keeping the guarantee…

But just so you know, Elektron guarantee will works even if it’s a second hand device, but you’ll have to pay for the shipping…

Also if you consider sending it to repair maybe take the time to check for other notorious bugs (such as double trigger on YES)

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No one at support complained or said my warranty would be void when I said I could install the parts myself and save them the work. They sounded thrilled actually. I got the impression they’re pretty overbooked with support tickets, but if it was component installation it would be different I’m sure, and I wouldn’t want to touch that kind of issue on something expensive anyways.

Either way, with this issue, if there is glue between the anterior bezel face and the bezel support (which you see here)

one of 2 things will happen:

you would push on the bezel from the inside and it would pop out but the film would still be glued down, or you would rip the film leaving a jagged edge. Either way, I don’t like the prospects of DIY on an item he just bought, if anything return to seller or ask for a partial refund for the hassle… There is no way anyone put that thing in a box and shipped it out without looking at the screen first, and if the person replaced the bezel and made the error themselves they doubly know what they did.

But before anyone is burned at the stake I’d like to hear from a dn keys owner. And moral of the story, opening your Elektron device isn’t enough to void the warranty, but fiddling around inside of it might be.

Heres a photo turned on, can see where letters are cut off:

Yeah I agree I won’t do it myself on an new item that is supposed to be good to go.
One clever thing to do is asking to get a partial refund from the seller, enough to get the shipment to elektron covered.

But man I feel you, I’m supposed to ship my keys to have it repaired but the idea of having it away a few weeks is tuff, plus the price of shipping for a production default known on this device…

that looks like the protective film that comes on the screens pre installation. that may have gotten left on by mistake.

I just had two screens put in my MNM and MD…tho not OLED, they both had a film on them.


I agree but if it were screen film it wouldn’t be stuck under the bezel and between the frame edge, it would be below the frame edge. It’s an odd situation to be sure. it is definitely clinging pretty hard to the screen itself, you are right about that.

if someone installed a screen, then put the face on, and also installed a bezel but forgot to take the film off the screen and it happened to be between the edges of the bezel mount when they installed the bezel itself, then maybe there’s a picture of drake pointing.

At the end of the day, if it can’t be resolved for free - unless you got the deal of the century on it - I would ask for my money back or to have the seller cover all cost of repair.

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The screen and frame come as one item, with a screen protector on top of both. I’ve bought a few similar screens in the past and they’ve all been like that. It definitely looks like someone forgot to remove the protector before screwing the UI board to the faceplate.

Not sure why the text on the bottom is being cut off though!

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its not the physical text, it’s an optical illusion.

You’re saying that for dn keys the screen and frame come as one piece? that makes sense then.

That’s what I’m thinking. No idea how that would pass QC, but I can’t think of any good reason to have it on there, unless the screen is meant to be flush with the bezel maybe.

Yeah this is standard for many OLED/LCD screens unless they’re custom made to fit into another enclosure.

when you say frame do you mean the entire faceplate of the device? I guess I’m confused, like it shows in my picture the frame I’m referring to is welded to the faceplate on the regular digitone

So maybe its as easy as opening up, removing the film and closing it back up? I’m waiting on support reply of course, but am hoping its an easy fix. I’d rather fix it and keep it then have to return…

maybe you can politely ask this infrequent forum member @t if he took any other pictures when he was inside his machine, this was the only internal shot I could find but it shows the bottom board
Two Coldfire MCF5441’s inside - Elektron Gear / Digitone/Digitone Keys - Elektronauts
and you need to see the top half to see if the screen is seperate and part of the faceplate as was suggested, or if there is something more like a normal desktop digitone going on. either way, if it is not adhesed between the bezel and the frame it would not be difficult, if it is, you could still (outside of the viewing area) use a brand new extra sharp exacto knife to carefully slice around the part in the viewing area so it doesn’t leave a fringe or refract light inside because that would be distracting.

When we talk about “can this be repaired” we’re literally talking about a piece of reynolds wrap, it’s not the end of the world but I know it sucks for you who just bought the thing. Don’t lose heart just yet.

Look at the bottom of the keyboard, on the elektron manufacturers serial number sticker, in the top right corner it should say the year and w with a number after it like 2021w37, that would mean the year 2021 and the 37th week. You have 3 years of warranty from the date there even if you don’t have a receipt, if you do have a receipt from original purchase your warranty extends 3 years from that date.

I’d wait to hear back, just think of this as a trial period to see if you like the thing and don’t let the seller off the hook until you get it worked out, was this a reverb purchase?

The new oled screens come with protective film and they obviously forgot to remove it. Just open it up and peel it off.