How do you play keyboard with Elektron products polyphonically?

Im very. confused on how to use my keyboard/synth with theses machines, I currently have a model cycle and looking to upgrade to an OT but how can I let the OT play and just play the keyboard over it without midi sync so I still can play polyphonically from keyboard ? can I daisy chain or do I need a mixer? is there a down side to this, why do most videos on YouTube show the midi sync to analog eqt ?

I would multi track it. But i do that for everything as i find it easier to concentrate on one instrument at a time. Talking of Youtube have you though about getting the Midi Pack yet? :smiley:


well yes but without a computer you mean just using a mixer ?

but does it even have Dorian scale?

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What keyboard are you using?

Do you mean that you want to mix the sound of the OT with the sound of the keyboard?

Why did you post this in the Model:Samples category if you are not going to be using the M:S?


trying to get that dorian scale

well I just got the model cycles but I realize I want more options but with any of these products I realize you can’t play a keyboard polyphonically when synced thru midi and. I want to be able to play more than one note at a time with either product to test now before I invest and am unsuccessful I would want. to figure out a proper way to have Elektron device playing while also playing keyboard someone suggested multitracking
I have two Yamahas one reface another master keyboard

Neither M:C nor the OT is polyphonic. The OT can play chords though over MIDI - but I wouldn‘t buy it again for MIDI chores - hanging notes are only one problem I came across - always found it a bit unfinished in that regards. If you want a polysynth buy a Digitone.

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Digitone, Analog Four, or Monomachine (despite the name!) are the only polyphonic Elektron devices that can be played with a keyboard. If I understood your question/needs, that is! Someone did manage to get Model:Cycles to play polyphonically by using Ableton Live and Max for Live. Here’s the thread:


dope I forgot about those and will definitely look into the Digitone I thought there was some limit in regards to how many notes they could play, but, lets say I just want the drums to play from model cycles and with or w/o midi sync play keyboard (not as a sequencer) just notes+m9thchords along side is there some sort of interface, i’m trying not to use the comp Hashtag dawless

Digitone can play up to 8 notes simultaneously, Analog Four 4 notes, Monomachine 6 notes :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have keyboard midi out to Digitone midi in, you can play it via the keyboard, then send midi out from Digitone to Cycles midi in for sync. Then I would personally send the audio out of Cycles to Digitone inputs so I could monitor the Cycles drum tracks via the Digitone and even apply the latter’s FX as well


thanks Craig lol

dope, what if I want the sounds from the keyboard/synth but I don’t want to control Digitone or Digitone to nessisarily control synth is that like a mapping thing. ?

can. I just simply plug in audio out synth from audio in to Digitone without being compromised ?

Yes, this! But you can’t listen to the Cycles that way. Digitone only has two inputs. Although if you have two mono sources (a mono synth and Cycles panned either fully left or right) you can get it work together that way - you just lose the stereo FX of the Cycles

You can play the Model Cycles polyphonically with RK-002 from Retro Kits. It’s a programmable midi cable.


If you just want to play the sounds from your keyboard over patterns you make in the Digitone/Cycles you could just get a mixer.

As craig said above, the Digitone has audio inputs which you could plug your keyboard into, but the Cycles doesn’t, so a mixer is necessary imo. That said, I saw you mentioned having a Reface, which has an aux in, so you could send the audio out from Cycles into it, and have everything come through the Reface’s output. Probably the most compact solution :slight_smile:


BAAAAAAM! lol :love_you_gesture:
Thanks bro i’m gonna do that!
Compact solutions indeed lol

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link is broken

It should work now.