How likely is it that the Rytm will sell out on tuesday?

i would love to know how many units Elektron are packing and what the surge is gonna be like to buy em on tues- it would be such a bad buzz if they went the way of the ms 20 mini. im definitely ordering mine from Elektron, but I dont have full coin until thursday…basically should i be beg/borrow or stealing the rest of the european bob for tuesday?

In the email they sent out it said they will be sold on a first come, first serve and that demand is pretty high. From reading all the posts here as well it seems like loads of people (including myself) have ordered them from stores - so they’ll be needing to get loads out to them as well. I’d beg, borrow and steal to get it Tuesday dude!

Ok here is a guess --i think they maybe have built less than 50 units in the first batch. It is very very likely that they will not be fully available until end of Q4 2014 in the USA stores and then only in limited quantities.
i would be very very surprised if even a single store in USA got a single unit in May
Use Analog Keys as a benchmark----the product is still not available in the USA stores --5 months after release.
its a high end boutique product–use the online store

I would rather not be on the first batch, to avoid any manufacturing issues (like bad paint on the early A4’s). Why is everyone in such a rush to be on the first batch?

The dilemma ordering straight from Elektron is if I do need to send it back for any reason/fault/repair, I gotta ship from the U.K to Sweden.

Not sure if it would be different buying from a U.K store?

Because it sounds/looks awesome!

It will be a blood bath like the beginning of every hunger games when everyone rushes for weapons and supplies. I already did a preorder for the second batch and I’ll just wait it out. Even if it’s 5 months

You’d be better off dealing direct IMO. Either way, if there’s an issue, it’s gotta go back.
In my experience they’ve used UPS & transit has been very quick, like 48 hours one way UK to Sweden!

Shipping seems to be free too which was my original concern.

How do you know the 1st batch has sold out? How can it have when the site isn’t allowing orders yet?

How do you know the 1st batch has sold out? How can it have when the site isn’t allowing orders yet?[/quote]
I’m just predicting how crazy it will get. That’s all

I do think they’ll be better prepared than with the AK. I know they had issues with the supplier there, hopefully they’ve learned from the mistakes there.
The A.K is available now in UK stores, strange that its not in the US

AK and AR are two different beasts, for one you can fit many more standard sized elektron boxes in a shipment than the keys which is considerably bigger.

Also doesn’t look like they’re under estimating demand this time around.

the HYPE is strong right now. Everything will simmer down in a couple of weeks when they’re in the wild :slight_smile:

Looks like Elektron is also taking care of retailers on the 22nd. Lots of pre-orders for those of us who couldn’t wait :wink:

A4 started showing up in retailers about 1.5 months after release here in the U.S., so I’d use that as a guesstimate for AR availability. AK is a much bigger and more complicated instrument, so yield is probably lower.

One other little factor that may or may not come into play - tax season over here is done, so anybody with a nice little payday back from the gov’t might be looking to “invest” their “earnings” in a nice little bit of new Elektron kit!

Soon as it hit 2 minutes before sale, website went down.

Site is up and down like a yo yo right now. Ive had an AR in my cart 3 times each time site crashed. :frowning:

AikiGhost: You’re lucky - all I get is “Access denied”


On the up side, it seems to have stayed in stock for 17 minutes… since no one can buy it.

The site tells I’m either denied access or that its off-line completely.

Did anyone manage to actually buy an AR online yet??