Huge input lag since 1.10

I have 7 tracks playing and if I attempt to pick an LFO destination, or mod destination in the sound setup I get massive amount of input lag - if I take my hands off the controls I can be waiting for 10-15 seconds before the display stops moving by itself.

Anyone else having this issue?


Direct or via Overbridge?

Hi, direct. OB is enabled but I’m talking about using the physical knobs on the machine.

I’ve noticed an increase in lag too. Not 10 seconds, but maybe 500ms

With overbridge or standalone?

There were two things I noticed, one is a large input delay (lag) on everything when in OB mode, connected to ableton. The other is that when the sequence is playing, choosing an LFO destination is reset on every bar (meaning it will throw you out of the menu, and choose the one the cursor was on, when it threw you out).
I only noticed the OB lag in an old project and only on the analog machines. Try a new a project, maybe that helps.

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Hi, yep tried that thanks and the problem is gone in a new project. One of those things I guess!


Standalone on an existing project

Got the same. Strong lag of the syntakt in cubase via OB.

Ouch, that’s a bummer. I have a project that I very much want to finish. Guess I’ll just have to wait for a patch…

It didn’t stop me from recording a final take of my track. It wasn’t 10 second lag. But yeah, as there’s no way to roll back maybe finish it first.

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Got it. Did you report it to Elektron?
Do you think there will be a fix in the future? Would suck if the project is broken forever. Personally I’m fine as long as it works in standalone.

No didn’t report.
I had another issue with the previous firmware and it went away with a new track. So I need to see if its an issue on a new track before reporting.

Okey. Yeah it’s still an issue. Firmware updates need to be backwards compatable.

Hi! I have the same issue since the last update. For instance, when I turn the knobs for live filtering or pitching, the device reacts with some latency :frowning: Or when I mute the tracks, it takes some time before it actually applies (maybe 1sc or 2) That’s really annoying for live performance :frowning:

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In standalone? On an ”old” project or brand new?

I also notice sometimes some very terrible lag when adjusting a P-Lock while playing back a sequence (in song mode). Seems to be alleviated when I stop playback, but not 100% sure.

yeah getting some serious lag here since the new firmware

(haven’t tried without overbridge)

sometimes makes it impossible to record notes in live!

ps i put in a ticket

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Yes even in standalone. And so far I’ve experimented lags only on “old” projects, those created before the OS upgrade.

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Elektron replied to me and said they are aware of this - the CPU is being pushed to the limit - and are working on some optimizations!