I found my Holy Grail album!

So when I lived in Australia, my girlfriend at the time had fantastic taste in music and we were spoilt by the fantastic Synaesthesia Records in Melbourne, which stocked pretty much everything, or knew how to get it.

She had this album of “O Superman” remixes that I fucking loved, I listened to it all the time. When I came back to the UK, I promptly lost the CDR I’d burned of it and had zero luck finding a copy of it anywhere.

I spent years trawling YouTube, Spotify, disgogs, eBay and just about everywhere else trying to find this record, which, barring the occasional track appearing on YouTube from time to time, seems to have completely disappeared from history.

Anyway, I completely gave up looking for it a couple of years ago, moved on with my life. Then I heard O Superman this morning on the radio and thought I should have a quick Google, see what turns up, and there it is on Bandcamp, the whole thing!


Praise baby Jesus.


I have that too - and it is a great album ; time to dig it out again now you’ve brought it to mind.

I was thinking about “O Superman” the other day too. Must be its time again. One of those pieces of music that got me into drone and repetition and electronic music in general.


Happy for ya, bud. First track sounds great will have to give this a deeper listen later


Fuckin’ great song to begin with. No wonder it’s the source of endless amazing spin-offs.


My fav version.


I’ve done a version I use on my Mixes.
Mostly fixed the timing and added some reverb and dub delays on certain words.

Fixing the timing helps mixing other beats into it ( like the soul wax vid )

Update -
I had a listen to the remixes - definitely from the era of aphex / autechre … some are terrible. What were people thinking. I’ll stick with the original.

Information that would have been a great help in 2003.


Com.a was my hero back then.
My favourite is the Massimo remix, it’s very me.


Well, you could have asked.


But one remix is missing!



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O Superman reminded me of this Air track.


Wow, that brings back memories! I don’t know if there are even any record stores left in the city anymore.

Congrats on finding the album!


They all shut down after I left and stopped spending all my student loans on records and CDs.


“What did you go to school for?”

“I didn’t.”


My holy grail album is Metal Box as it’s the only record I didn’t sell out of destitution and plan on having my ashes kept in the tin when I die to be sold on ebay as a hubcap.

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If only a LOT of different information was available in the late 90s and early 2000s, not to mention some distribution channels that we have today.

I spent about ten years looking for a vinyl copy of Clock DVA The Hacker. Then more or less gave up looking for various reasons.

Then last year found two like-new copies on ebay for like $15 each, so I grabbed both of them.

Since that time, I’ve seen them all over the place though. :smiley:

It’s not my absolute favorite track, but it was something that I knew a certain group of friends was looking for back in the mid 90s or so, and kind of took it as a personal challenge. So it’s kind of cool to have it in my record collection now after all that time. :smiley:

Now I just need to get a few Skinny Puppy albums that are so far a little more than I’d like to pay. :smiley:


It’s a truly wonderful feeling to find something after looking for so long, tone sincere.

Although I do cherish having a little bit of mystery where I can get it, media wise.

It’s amazing having access to anything at any time, but I genuinely found excitement in trying to track a song or an album down in the earlier days of the internet.


always been a fan of this track…

weird, somethings fucked up with this vid. Starts at -4min, so it plays twice


I’ve never heard of ‘O, Superman’ until I read this thread last night.

Then literally half hour later I was reading ‘Good Pop, Bad Pop’ by Jarvis Cocker and he mentions the very same song. Some coincidence.