I own DT and DN already - do I need OT?

Hi All,

I’m curious about whether or not I should buy an octatrack - I already have digitakt and digitone and I generally work with the DN controlling the DT through MIDI. I freaking love this setup…

My only concern is I’m not getting songs that I feel are as ‘big’ as I want them to be. I find sampling on the DT to be kind of limited (can’t even slice a clip), and there isn’t really a song mode on either device.

My question is should I invest in an octatrack? I love the elektron workflow but I need more depth to create songs that I could actually put on an album. Or is DT and DN enough? Also, the prospect of all 3 together is very exciting to me…

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Need : no
Want : yes

If you have money, it’s always a pleasure to own new gear.

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Everybody needs an Octatrack…


The OT has some differences in workflow from the DT/DN, so that adds a little bit of a hurdle, but once you get used to it, it’s no big deal. From what you’re saying, it sounds like you should give the OT a try. I went from DT/DN to OT/DN, and that was after moving to using just the Digitone for a while. The OT is just so flexible and versatile, it can do almost everything. Then waiting around the corner are those times when the Octatrack takes your project somewhere you didn’t expect, but yet it still sounds cool and interesting.

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if you can… then yes. An OT is like a DT on steroids. Plus you can run stereo samples, killer effects chains, and live looping. I have all 3 and its my main go to setup right now. Selling my RYTM mk2 and A4 mk2, as they are not getting as much love as the new dark trinity.


Yeah I mean the price is the main reason I’m hesitant, but I do feel like it would get A LOT of use. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the Elektron workflow but make songs on a ‘bigger’ scale for a while now. I think Octatrack is probably the solution.

BTW I recently bought a Maschine mk3 and after a couple days of use I haven’t even touched the thing… I keep going back to the DN/DT combo! I have been converted!! The Elektron workflow is just so creative.

So yeah I’m returning the Maschine… OT is a bit more expensive but oh well

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Don’t get an OT.

And don’t read modern poetry.

And don’t go on holidays to places you’ve never been before.

Safety first.


and also wear a helmet when walking anywhere… to stay safe. :laughing:


Wow Rytm mk2

Why selling it?

The OT will certainly help fill those gaps but maybe incorporating Overbridge with a DAW in your workflow could help you achieve more polished finished songs just as effectively if not more so.


Just too much gear. I love the RYTM and will probably buy it again later, but with a toddler and running a business, I’ve got to get rid of stuff not getting used right now.

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Yeah I’ve been using DN/DT Overbridge with Ableton… I like it but I’m still unsure of the best way to incorporate it into a DAW project.

if you can yes! you put the DN and the DT outputs in the OT inputs AB/CD.
as the DN have only 1gb of memory, there no space for much samples so you can use the DT for one shot samples and use the OT for bigger samples and longer loops… plus the OT could be a mixer for DN and DT and you have some extra tracks if you run out of tracks in DT or DN

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Was thinking the same thing opened this and here is the question

From your post it sounds like you’d find use for some of the features, that the Octatrack has. But, and this is just from my experience, the OT is not a DT+more. It’s a different machine, and, of course, more advanced in many ways, but it’s not all good. I love the DT, but I disliked the OT, primarily because of the sound it imparts, when you stretch, pitch, mangle and effect your samples.

Any audio comparison with DT with similar mangling? Seems a limited experience.

DT don’t have timestretch nor pitch shift.
I’d be curious to compare DT and OT pitch (timestretch off) with same range.
You can morph up to 250 parameters with OT, you can only use CTR All with DT.
Concerning FX, DT’s reverb seems better, what else?

No overbridge is the killer.
I’m running everything into ableton multitrack and don’t want to run audio into octatrack

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That’s problematic. Video maybe? :content:


I think you misunderstood me, in your eagerness to defend the OT. Take a deep breath, and read my post again. The OT is far more advanced, I know, I just don’t like the sound of it. Everything else is about as brilliant as a sampler can be. You love the Octatrack, and that is wonderfull. I don’t, and that is ok too - wouldn’t you agree?

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