I own DT and DN already - do I need OT?

will I miss out on a lot if I don’t route audio into the OT?, or will it be good addition without that,
Because love how my setup is now. Everything running into ableton multitrack launching patterns only from ableton…
I’m only missing the slicing of samples and playing longer samples in stereo

I totally agree with that, but I’d prefer a fair audio comparison. Would you lend me your DT? :slight_smile:

You can route audio to OT with a sound card, midi sync, or other Elektrons with Overbridge.

How people were using hardware and DAW before Overbridge? It seems more confortable, but there is latency. I don’t use it, I may test it with A4/AR/AH one day !
If all you Elektrons work well with OB, I can understand you want it for OT.

Gladly! I’m in Denmark - where are you?

Man being able to mix individual tracks add effects eq etc in ableton is dead set amazing when you are sequencing analog sounds from hardware you should try it you’ll love it…

Think I’m getting a bit confused because people use the OT so differently and as a type of mixer and wondering would I miss out on that because I probably would use it as a standalone unit stereo in to my soundcard into ableton

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I route A4, DN and AR via USB and OB into ableton.
My soundcard outs are connected to OT ins.
If I want to sample any of the elektrons I route them from ableton to the OT.
So I can use individual tracks in my DAW but still live sample into OT.

That said. I have problems with OB. Seems to be the buffer. Everything runs fine when set up, but once in a while I get ugly glitchy noises. I have to stop the machines and wait a bit. Then it’s fine again… But the glitches are extremely annoying, especially when recording


Yeah this sounds good probably would work this way,
how do you route them to the OT from Ableton though?
I’m not having any glitches at moment with Overbridge could be something to do with sample rate buffer size etc? Running A4 AR DT and DN

I just send the track I want to samplet o a channel that’s has my soundcard outputs set as out… from there normal cinch cable into OT.

guess so. But can’t find a solution. I have them set to the same value in OB and Ableton…
Maybe I have to try really high buffer settings, but then latency gets bad.

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In france, still a bit far. I can send you Legos for a trade. :wink:


My kids would love that! :wink:

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when your kid is happy you are a happy dad

I’m half deaf from partying in my 20s so OT sounds perfect to me.


I’m half dead from partying in my 20s.


Just as many here say already an OT will be a better replacement for the DT. I don’t think you need both, it’s an overkill. About the song mode: it’s overrated. I make songs by dynamically engage with my patterns switching them on and off. I would never want to automate that cause then I can make better decisions live and not from before.

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You can loop patterns in Arranger, or play them very long with Repeats and Length, and switch to another row easily in live conditions.
Possible to write reminders.
There are still things to prepare for sure, but for song changes especially with tempo differences.

I have ben sequencing DN and DT into Ableton through Overbridge. It’s pretty darn cool but I’m still not blown away… also it really ticks me off how quiet the DT sounds are when routing them to different tracks from the plugin.

Elektron apparently doesn’t care. … they’ve made no changes to this after a lot of people brought it up on this site.

Do you add a lot of other elements in Ableton? I pretty much chop up different patterns into scenes and go nuts from there. Do you have a certain technique you usually do?

Honestly would only consider buying an A4 mk 1 just so all the boxes are the same size.

Not to throw cold water on everybody telling OP he needs the OT if he can afford it. The OT song mode has got to be it’s least compelling feature. Pattern chains really serve the same purpose when bouncing to a DAW and it gives you something to do in a live context aside from press play. I know there are some people out there who make the most of it, Cuckoo comes to mind, but it’s proven more trouble than it’s worth so far for me.

For me the main reason to add an OT would be to tie the DT and DN together with a mixer that can also sample them in real time and cue the next pattern.

These are two different samplers and serve different needs. I personally would keep the DT over the OT but I’m actually never going to sell either.

Yes the DT is a bit quiet could use a couple more dB…
I’m making my patterns on the electrons and
changing patterns from ableton with ableton push
by routing midi to the plugin on channel 16.
So changing scenes in ableton changes the patterns.
Love this set up… it’s just like making a track in session view normally
adding side chain effects, eq etc
when I’ve made the whole track record it into arrangement

Look up about pattern changes with channel 16 on here if you’re not sure


Owned a DT for 18 months and now have OT and AR.
AR owns DT IMO. I think one’s expected use is the most important thing when considering a new bit of kit.

It’s sad that the firmware of the older boxes has been somewhat left behind, but that’s just natural selection at work.
However, if the older devices are becoming dinosaurs, the dark trinity are the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Diplodocus - the ones that everyone knows.
By that rule, the DT will become the Velociraptor I guess.

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