IMAGINE: An Elektron "Digital Wave Machine"

Dear Elektronauts, dear Elektron development team,

I would like to share the idea [creative commons] for a new Elektron synth. It’s just a brief outline; feel free to add your own thoughts and wishes! :slight_smile:

– easy-to-use wavetable poly-synth module (maybe with additional FM options like the SY-22), combined with the fabulous Elektron sequencer;
– as a complement to the Digitakt (same size, similar layout) and all the other Elektron boxes: for pads, athmospheric sounds etc.;
– might take its inspiration from digital classics such as Ensoniq Fizmo, Yamaha SY-22/35, Korg Wavestation, Roland D-50 and JD-800, PPG Wave, Waldorf Wave, Microwave and Blofeld (but also from VSTs such as Wave’s Codex or Tone2’s Icarus);
– might also take its inspiration from the amazing Monomachine (R.I.P.);

Since there is already enough enough VAs out there, and there isn’t really a digital synth like that in the prize-range between 650–800€ (currently there’s only the Blofeld and the Micromonsta), Elektron could totally rock the party. Also, it would clearly build upon the company’s proud digital tradition (SID, Monomachine).

Basic Specifications:

– white/grey box with a deep blue screen
– 2-dimensional vector joystick (for synth mode (1) and (2); see below – stick movement recordable [there’s probably not enough space on the front panel though; so alternatively the cursor keys might be used in a “performance mode” instead])

– 16 voices (let’s be realistic)
– 3 switchable modes: (1) 8 individual duo-phonic tracks; (2) 4 individual four-note tracks; (3) one 4-layer-poly-mode (somewhat like the JD-800)

– 5 synth pages per track (same layout like the Digitakt):
(1) MACHINE: wavetables (up to two oscillators per track; incl. several types of noise; option to load user-generated waves via USB, transient manipulation); with A-D-type pitch envelope (switchable polarity);
(2) FILTER: several types, with full envelope;
(3) AMP: with full envelope, glide, pan, drive etc.;
(4) FX: chorus, (granular) delay, (aetheral) reverb, flanger, bit and sample rate reduction;
(5) LFO: 2 asignable LFOs (wave, mode – e.g. S+H –, speed, multiplier; BPM sync-able or free running)

– Elektron sequencer (individual time-division per track for longer sequences)
– 8 additional midi tracks (like on the Digitakt)
– Arpeggiator (maybe taken from the Monomachine)!
– one additional stereo-OUTput (asignable to one individual track)
– also: get Biosphere to do some of the presets!

That’s about it. Tell me what you think!


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