Is facebook becoming the new myspace?

Lately I see a lot of people saying good bye to facebook. Some may already have left without posting it. A lot of people saying, facebook reach has dropped a lot (without paying).

For artist and label work I still use facebook a lot and still think it is somehow important. Also facebook groups for a specific genre are a good way. I founded “bandcamp dubtechno” 2 years ago. But ofcourse its important to moderate such a group.

At the end of the day, conversation rate is what counts. instagram, facebook or what ever … not every like means someone is buying your vinyl or download or stream your music. Some may just like the artwork or the cool photo with all the gear.

So how important is social media / social marketing?

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Only people my age I know who are active on facebook seem to just argue with people about politics or shout into an echo chamber about politics. From what I can tell the generation below mine uses it even less. I think instagram is still somewhat useful as tiktok doesn’t really seem like a good home for artists and instead a home for viral content. Seems like discord pocket communities are growing, so maybe that is the future.


Probably until the next new thing.




I confess, I had to search the meaning of AOL.


Life’s a flat circle.


There was a bit of a shift towards instagram at the start of covid, because the last real feature that the “cool kids” were using facebook for was the event date calendar (not sure what it’s called in english) and such. They thought that with all the re-openings that facebook would gain a bit more traction again, but it all pretty much stayed on instagram.

That’s at least what I observed in my somewhat localized countrywide bubble.

Have I got a disc for you.


Have any floppies?


Lemme check my junk-mail pile.




i quit facebook as soon as i didn’t need it for work anymore. that was 3 years ago. before then i had narrowed it down to just seeing the things i post and maybe 2 other people. everything else was ignored/muted.

i was so glad to quit. it was useful for finding out about shows/bands touring etc but that’s largely been replaced for me via a few places i can look for local things and instagram which i’d also like to quit.

all the social media companies are run by shitty people mostly… i have a tumblr account for following some art/cyberpunk/design stuff and it’s great for that. i just see nice things and have no idea about who the people who run the blogs are. there’s zero politics in it for me.

mastodon is ok. niche/small circles. kinda indifferent about it.

but really, facebook as a company is shit. so is zuckerberg. it’s horrible what they’ve done/do with your data.

i hope they all crash and burn.


I’ve noticed this years ago. I use to use Facebook a lot to find raves and stay connected with people I met at parties from other states, but people would just vent about politics or whatever agenda. I got fatigued about it and would check in every couple months. And it would be exactly the same stuff. So vitriolic.

I also agree with this, but it seems like they are going more hand in hand. I remember Flowzee or some vocalist, not sure the name or who, was talking that her label refused to release her album until she went viral. And she refused. Called it a marketing stunt.

too funny

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I used to use it as a glorified calender. the birthday notifier.

that’s all its good for imo, and now they’ve buried that in a menu somewhere. :laughing::+1:


Many useful features of facebook (pages) are broken since years.
Some things never made sense (like, invite people for an event but not being able to filter at least by country.)
It feels like a broken barn.

But I found all my few friends and made colleagues just via facebook!

Who was on facebook?

I think there’s enough other platforms to form a ‘marketing’ strategy without the use of Facebook. But it’s a shame it’s come to that. You can use the platforms in one of either two ways, as a place to hang out and chat with connections and friends, or, as a definite place to drive sales toward a business. If you’re really trying to do that, then ‘all’ platforms makes the most sense. But if you’re a bit more judicious and savvy and want to market in a certain way then you may be more selective of the platforms. I’ve bought a piece of vinyl before after seeing a 30 second promo clip, so I think YouTube can be one of the most powerful ways. After all, Googling doesn’t bring up Instagram posts.

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Facebook and the like have helped infantilise adults. It’s been disturbing to witness.


I deleted all my posts on facebook, there is a script to do so, it allows too much profiling.

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