Is this possible with a MIDI controller?

I’m kinda new to using MIDI outside of my DAW, SO I apologise if this is a basic question.

Is it possible to have the 8 Audio tracks triggered by 8 velocity sensitive pads on a MIDI controller, while the chromatic keyboard automatically switches to which ever audio track is selected on the DT?

(Is it possible to template this, or do you have to redo the MIDI assignments for each new project.?)

For example, when using a MIDI controller such as the APK Mini:

Also, I’m looking to buy a MIDI controller that would work well with the DT, similar to the Akai MPK mini - so any recommendations in that realm are appreciated. Thank you.:pray:

Each track does have a midi channel assignment option so as long as you can map the pads to different channels it should work. Eaves (Ivar) actually did a finger drumming video using a beatstep but I don’t know if it’s plugged into a DT (there’s a digitone in the video so…??)

The auto midi channel can be used to play whatever midi track is selected using a midi keyboard. By default it’s 10 but it’s customizable.

Set the pads on the controller to the midi note number 0-7 and they will trigger the 8 audio tracks.

Keyboard can still provide chromatic support for the selected track.

Make sure to set the controllers midi channel to the digitakt auto channel.

For that controller you’d need a midi host in between it and the digitakt. Digitakt doesn’t function as a usb midi host so you can’t just connect it to the dt.


The Novation Launchkey Mini mk3 has a TRS MIDI Out (Type A) 3.5mm jack. So no need for a Host in between. But you will have to buy a MIDI TRS DIN Cable and a standard 5-Pin DIN to 5-Pin DIN MIDI Cable.

Oh cool I didn’t remember that from the manual (notes 0-7).

It’s a really easy to miss quick description of the behavior early in the manual. I don’t think it gets mentioned after that


I don’t understand what you mean by ‘no host in between’.

What does this mean, and what is the benefit?

Ah, cool. Once I set this up, will the DT retain those settings for future projects?

And will the chromatic keyboard automatically switch to which ever track is selected?

When you want to connect the controller via USB to the Digitakt you would need a USB host in between (because both the controller and the Digitakt are USB clients). By connecting the controller via standard MIDI you can connect it directly to the Digitakt using only the cable and the adapter.

As long as the keyboard is in the auto channel it will play whatever track is currently selected on the digitakt.

Settings being saved is more a case of does your controller remember your midi settings as the digitakt does what I’ve described by default.

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Ok, cool - so that info should be detailed in the documentation of any MIDI controller that I would buy, yes?

If you want to keep the DT Settings, I suggest to create a Project Template with all the Audio and MIDI Settings that you want and Save it. After that, from this Template, you can go in SETTINGS > PROJECT > SAVE PROJECT AS, choose an empty Slot and Save it there under a New Name. Why? Because, otherwise, you will have to redo all the Audio and MIDI Settings again and again.

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It’s a thick and technically detailed manual, my brain was bound to forget stuff lol (it’s already packed with other things… Many of which are useless!)

Thank you. That’s what I thought.

Thanks to everybody for their helpful advice in this thread.

I’ve previously been using a Korg keyboard as a midi controller, but kinda want some velocity sensitive pads. I also didn’t realise about auto channel! (I’ve been manually turning MIDI channels on and off to be able to play different audio tracks with the keyboard!)

Anymore recommendations for controllers would be great, btw! The Novation Launchkey Mini MKII looks good - especially because it doesn’t require a host.

So far, it’s either that or the Akai MPK Mini.

You will not have to redo the settings each time. As I explained earlier, the explaination I gave for setting up a midi controller is applicable when the digitakt is in its default state so there is no need to save a template unless you change something.

The midi controller you have will need to be able to save a user template as you will be changing its settings to make it work with the digitakt.

I know there is an App called Elk-herd to manage Samples from DT. You can find it in one of the Thread.

Thanks again for your patience and help in this thread. I have been able to set up my keyboard so that it automatically switches to play each audio track chromatically - awesome! :sunglasses:

In that screen grab that Jefjones posted on the manual, is says that it is possible to play the sound of Tracks 1 through 8 if you play notes low enough on the keyboard (Notes 0-7).

I can’t get this to work, no matter how low I go. Is there something I need to adjust in my settings? Each track is set to their corresponding Channel (ie. Track 1, Channel 1, Track 2, Channel 2)

Anyone? I’ve read this section of the manual many times and still can’t work this out.

Maybe your keyboard cannot produce these lowest notes? At least I would check with an app/program which midi note values gets really sent …

Its a Korg Micro X. I dont think its anything unusual.

When I play it, it goes pretty low – low enough to rumble my 5 inch monitors too much on the lowest notes.