Issues with Thomann?

I’m not really sure where to post this, but here goes. I ordered a synth through Thomann that I ended up returning due to scratches on it. The order was shipped back from the US using UPS per Thomann instruction. The synth was received by them and I was refunded, but I received a bill from UPS for $300 shortly after. I notified Thomann and they told me not to pay it, but it’s been two months since then and Thomann hasn’t resolved the issue with UPS. I received another invoice from UPS with additional late charges bringing the total close to $400 and I was told by them that it would get sent to collections if I didn’t pay it soon. I’ve only received generic responses back from Thomann saying UPS has answered their emails and I’m starting to lose hope.

Has anyone had any experiences like this? What do you recommend I do? I apologize in advance for my post!

That sounds terrible. I’m having a horrible experience with UPS right now as well …

What is UPS saying the 300 (400…) bucks are for?

To be fair from your description it sounds like a ups issue…call ups in every possible way until someone can resolve this issue.
Had a problem with DHL once, the “trick” was to call a million times.


…not expierenced with oversea shipping…

but if u used thomanns official shipback paperform, this is no thomann issue.
never had issues with thomann…quite the opposite.

but i’m surprised to hear, that u ordered from the states…

what kind of b stock super deal was so tempting, that made u think it’s worth it to let it come such a long way…?
ur aware of the fact that thomann clearly states on all b stock products, that they might show some signs of use…that’s why they’re labeled b stock…that’s what’s makes them cheaper…
while they stlll offer u full guarantees…

sending products aaaall that way back, creating further amount of serious and obvious shipping costs for signs of use, while functioning all fine, sounds pretty pernickery to me…

i can only hope it was a very pricy synth, to give such shipping efforts and costs, 300 bux means it was quite a heavy load, at least some good reason in first place…

Did you talk to someone at Thomann? If not call them up and ask for an English speaking person - but I assume they all do. Sometimes this works much better than emails. Not sure what time zone you are in but there always is an overlap to European CET.


Same here, each time I had any issue (all minor) or question with Thomann, a call allowed to clear things up. Normally, there is the number of the team handling your geographic zone in the order confirmation.

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I appreciate the comments. I ordered a MegaFM which is not available in the US. UPS is impossible to get a hold of and I’ve tried called Thomann but got charged international call fees. I’m going to open an investigation with UPS and will include the emails sent me from Thomann. Just a cautionary tale from any ordering from the States and needs to do a return!

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Really? I was of the belief that all Twisted Electrons products are available in the US through their own website. With free shipping even.

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In fact:


This sounds like a thread called “Issues with UPS”. Off all the carriers I’ve used, they have been worst. And they twice tried to bill me after the fact, without explaining what it was for. One time they threatened to sell the debt.

I won’t buy something if UPS is the only option for delivery.


I did manage to find a use one on Reverb. Super inspiring synth.

Agreed. UPS custom service is hands down the worst type of interaction I can think of. Sorry to hear that happened to you

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Same here! They’re on my black list now.

Hotline: Useless.
Local customer center: Nobody cared to help me (only telling me lies to make me leave – and I should call hotline of course)
E-Mail support: Not answering.
Website: The developing team should maybe choose another purpose in life.


…300 bux of shipping for a 450,- bux device…!?

no further comment apart from…even here in europe, ups got quite a bad call…
and…pretty convinced, those scratches did not harm the sound in any way…

bottomline…avoid ups and don’t buy b stock if u want it all shiny…


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It was brand new. I normally don’t give a shit about scratches but this thing had some deep ones and two of the buttons were almost pressed down into the synth. Not something I want to take apart and fix.

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It’s basically a scam that you cant avoid. Not cool for a major shipping company

I’m in Canada and UPS is the worst.

…o…ok…forget everything i said exept of the ups rant…stress them back…

Sorry to hear about the UPS snafu. That sounds like a huge headache to clean up. I don’t buy anything from a company in the States anymore that only ships via UPS. They are a big pain at my building.

I had to return a defective module from the US to Thomann. They handled the entire process wonderfully–from customs to shipping instructions and reimbursement. etc. I made a huge mistake with the customs forms and Thomann still was able to get it through German customs with no sweat.

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