Just how large is Elektron?

With all the threads about lack of support and long delayed products, I’ve become more curious about how things work at Elektron, and how many people they employ. Obviously they aren’t on the same level as Korg, Roland et al, and certainly seem to be gaining a lot more attention than they may be able to keep up with at the moment. There’s the main HQ in Sweden, another in California that seems to deal with North American repairs (and possibly some distribution?), and I’m not sure about Japan. They have to cover tech support, repair, promotion, R & D, building the damn things, and more I’m sure, and it seems like a lot of people wear many hats. I think they are all machine assembled but inspected prior to shipping, but I’m really not sure about any of that. I’m thinking about 50 total, which is not a lot. I could be way off, but it can’t be too many.

I suppose it isn’t really any of my business, but I’m trying to keep some perspective and wait patiently for my Octatrack.

I have no idea, and don’t really know enough to base this on but: I think it’s significantly less than 50 people.

They used to be five or six employees for many years, up until the Octatrack launch. Back when Daniel Hansson was CEO they were only five I think.

There must be more people working there now. Maybe 10-12? I have no idea really.

Yeah, I think 50 is way too high actually. My first thought was around 12-15, but that seemed too low.

50 seems very high. They’d have to sell an insane amount of units to be able to pay so many workers. I doubt expensive, specialist hardware machines sell hundreds of units a month.

time to buy some shares before they take over the world :slight_smile:

Its actually now just Dataline and a number of cunning disguises…

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The internet suggests 16 employees for 2012/13.

It can’t be anything but a rather small business.

Also, please keep in mind that “just hiring more people” does not solve any immediate capacity problems. You have to spend a significant amount of time training and supporting new people before they actually turn into productive employees. Being busy because of the new product you’re just started to sell is the worst time possible to bring in new hires; doing so would just delay things even more.

Have you counted Hector ? :wink: :joy:

fantastic thread! … i started a thread some time ago, asking about detailed info on elektrons profits and so on … found out nothing, nada, niete, zero, null …

so, i had contact with 3 different names from support yet, i know there is dataline and jon. … and I know hektor from the video, makes 6 people on my count alone

there is this video ( joke :wink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCdlTilrp5k ) … fuck and the other !!! video where they interview guys from the company, I think it was from future music magazine, but I cant seem to find the youtube video :frowning: EDIT there it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQcZObUK-Y0

… so if you look at the retailer list of the elektron homepage and we assume each shop has 10 - 20 units in stock then I seriously doubt the Swedish company could pull that off with a workforce of below 100 … marketing, taxes, production, HR, law, repairs, production, stakeholders, raw materials, jeeeee … seriously … investors, what not …

I would love to find out more, or buy the company shares :slight_smile: … but they dont have stocks?

you are buying company shares by buying their products :joy:

Is this the droids you are looking for?


I guess Elektron does what all companies do: outsource certain tasks to keep the internal headcount low.

Also don’t forget in europe you can get business development money from the state and Elektron is quite the successful showpiece when it comes to creative industries.

Though at their current size and history I’d say there definitely are private investors involved.

But who knows? There are a couple of ways to run a company, each one has their own strategy and Elektron seems to be on the rise.

in dealing with my faulty AR I’ve already had correspondance with Ufuk, Olle & now Phillip. Whether these are all in-house Elektron bods or not I know not.
Service has been great though :+1:

Is this the droids you are looking for?

edited the 1st post from me … see above :slight_smile: … thanks for the post (boy i hate german accent / i know i am also german)

This page says they were 16 employees at the end of 2013.
Profit was almost 100 K €
Turnover was 3,8 milj €

anybody wants to chip in and buy the annual report of 2013`?


chrome translates this page to english for me :slight_smile:

i know a (kick ass) financial guy (or 2) who could give me / us a professional analysis of these figures

A-ha! All their secrets are revealed :imp:

that doesnt mean they work with a time employment company and have 100 dwarfs / Borg muscle hired who get those magic ingredients from other universes to implement in their machines