Just released my new album of 2000s-Warp-inspired idm-ish tunes!

I know that around here that’s not a particularly unique pitch, but I’m really proud of this album. It’s denser than my previous releases, and a bit more complex in arrangement and sound design - I’m really proud of it, and thrilled to share it with this community.

I tried to add an embedded player in the post, but I have no idea how to make that work.


Enjoying it. Especially “Interference Patterns.” Overall liked the last three best.

To embed the bandcamp player I think it’s enough to paste the link here directly (not as a hyperlink) like this:

Mod edit: indeed! (fixed)

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Great album!
The tracks & mix are really good!

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Congrats! Carrington Event is a bop - loving that stutter snare.

Cool LIMBO (game) in space album art

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This is exceptional work. I am three tracks in and there has not been a dull moment. The mix is crisp and detailed, and the sounds have so much texture. I will happily purchase this record in the near future. I’m glad you are proud of it. You should be! K. Diving back in now.

Edit: Track 5. Augury, I think, is the name, reminds me a bit of Download (Effector Era). :purple_heart:

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Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! It means a lot to know others enjoy my work, and not just me.

Funny enough, the double snare in that song was originally an accidental double-trigger from my MPC pads. I love happy accidents!

I’ve never heard Download, I’ll check it out!

please say that acid line in second track (oh and fourth) is from Syntakt :D, very lovely sound and sequence!

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This does sound & feels very good indeed! Good job :wink:

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Congrats on the release, it sounds really great! I just purchased.

I can see from the bandcamp notes you used a fair amount of hardware. If you’re happy to share would love to know more about your process when making these tracks.

I’m at the stage of building and writing material for an album or EP of my own. Up to now a “release” has just been a collection of unconnected tracks that I worked on over the last few months etc. nothing wrong with that but I want to create something more thematic/cohesive, that sounds like a body of work and stands on its own.

Your album sounds this way for sure, would be cool to know, how did you ensure the level matching between tracks was balanced?
Also with the hardware, how did you predominantly record that? Was it one track in DAW per sound or did you record stereo outs? Or a bit of both.

Congrats again though, definitely created something to be proud of here.

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Hah sorry to disappoint, the acid lines are from the ABL3 vst by Audiorealism. The drums in the fourth track are from the Syntakt though!

OK this is way too long lol, hopefully it was interesting and/or helpful!

Thank you for the kind words, and for the purchase! I’m seriously thrilled that people like my music.

Almost everything gets sequenced by the MPC, with the exception of Andromeda Ritual (all done in Ableton), and the acid lines (ABL3 VST). I record in 16 or 32-bar loops when I can, I find that it allows me to make song sections that feel more coherent. The syntakt drums in Theurgy got sequenced on my couch - I was still exploring the ST and trying to see if I could make a coherent song skeleton on just the electron sequencer. I added to the other parts that song later. Basically everything else in almost every song was sequenced by the MPC. Most songs that start with a drum loop, then I add synth textures so I don’t get bored, and they progress from there.

As to how I record things, everything goes into a pair of ADAT-connected Scarlett 18i20s on its own pair of inputs (except for micro freak which is in mono). I have an ableton template so that I don’t have to set up the tracks and effects for every song. The exception to this is that on Theurgy I used overbridge on the ST - it was kind of my experiment to see how I like that workflow. On a few songs I went back and recorded only the kick drum from the MPC, cut the lows on the original drum track, and sidechained the kick to the bass slightly to increase clarity. The drums on the more frantic songs were sequenced, and then I performed the MPC’s XYFX live during recording to spice things up.

As to level matching, I tend to shoot for an overall Master volume of -6 DB during my initial mixing phase. Honestly mixing takes me quite a long time and there are probably more efficient ways to do it - I easily spend twice as much time mixing than I do writing. I remember mixing one of the songs against a Plaid song as a reference, but don’t remember which one. The last thing is that at the end, after I was finally done mixing and tweaking (which really never ends), I put all the song WAVs in one project file on separate tracks and randomly soloed them. This allowed me to catch a few songs that needed their overall volume adjusted slightly.

For cohesion - that’s a tough thing. Honestly I was worried that this album wasn’t going to be cohesive enough, so hearing that it seems to be one body of work is really encouraging!

I initially started with a pool of like 30 potential half-finished tracks for this album. I whittled that down over the course of a few weeks, and once I settled on like 15, started putting more work into the mix, cleaning up arrangements, etc. I kind of write with “themes” in mind at times, and it just so happened that many of the tracks that I chose for the album had a similar set of those.
I definitely had to cut some tracks that I’m fond of because they just didn’t fit the vibe of the others. On the technical side, I think it helps that I use roughly the same set of principles and techniques when applying FX in the DAW. And none of that is particularly unique - almost everything gets EQ treatment, glue compression, saturation, etc. I generally use the same reverbs, delays, chorus, etc across songs. The master track gets a tiny amount of short reverb most of the time. I also tend to use the same set of drum samples until I get really bored of them, though I think I used more different drum sounds on this album on my previous ones.

Feel free to ask about anything else if you want! This was incredibly fun to put together and I’m seriously so glad that you enjoyed it.


Thanks a lot for the detailed reply! And interestingly I got the vibe when listening earlier and hearing Theurgy that those drums were Syntakt. I do find the black Elektron boxes have a certain sound to them, reminds me of Aphex quite a lot that track as well.

Really interesting insight on level matching too thank you, I do plan to do similar and have a level matching project once I have some more material written. And it is important in this process to be a bit ruthless and potentially cut things you like but don’t quite fit. You can always release them another time!

Your point about drum sounds too is a good one, I think I am guilty of starting from scratch a bit too much in that department. I have a lot of kits on my MD which is great as it’s helped me learn the machine but they’re quite varied, not helping myself with the whole theme/glueing things together when the rhythm section is so different every time. I’m planning to make it a bit easier for myself this time out and reuse the same/similar kits in different ways.

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They really do! I got a Machinedrum recently and it has a very specific sound. And thank you that is quite the compliment!

Precisely! I’ll probably be putting out an EP later this year, some of which will probably be B-sides from this.

I’ll admit that most of the reason that I only use a few drum kits at a time is because I’m lazy haha. I hate putting together sample/ drum kits. It just happens to have the benefit of cohesion.

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Absolutely wonderful

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mpc live II?

MPC One actually. I’d love a Live 2 but right now I don’t have room.

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sounds great, really polished production. glad I saw this and was able to take a listen, don’t know how I missed it before.

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Thanks :slight_smile: it’s always great to hear someone else likes it!

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