Keep Your Chins up Florida Elektronauts... this too shall pass

I’m sending my best wishes and some ramen!
sh*t it is the internet and some of you might not know that ramen is a euphemism for money.


Not to be a total asshole, my family was affected and I have empathy for everyone that went through this. But also, it’s not going to pass. Extreme weather events are going to be more and more common as we continue to fuck up the planet.


climate change is a fact, but that is not what ‘this too shall pass’ means.

and if anybody wants to help there are many good options out there, this is one of them…


Thanks man. I’m on the east coast in Ormond Beach and here Ian was more of a rain/flooding event (a record one at that!)… but around the Ft. Myers area where it first made landfall they had flattened beachfronts and sharks in the streets. Power grids have to be completely rebuilt and expected to be down for MONTHS in some areas. My heart truly goes out to them.

We have family in the Tampa Bay area just north of there. I learned because of this storm that it is considered the most surge-prone location in the entire U.S. (even more so than New Orleans) and if the eye had come ashore there at CAT 4 strength as initially predicted, it would have been an Andrew or Katrina-level disaster.


I know @konputa and @Stemshade are in FL… how are you doing?

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I had family in Florida too, lucky for them they just moved to the west coast.

I might be mistaken but isn’t Craig in Florida?.. if so I hope he’s alright?

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Fucking god damn nightmare. We live in Tampa and faired well. Today we came down to Ft Myers to help my wife’s parents with 10" of water in their home. Spent about 8 hours cutting and hauling downed tree limbs and every muscle is sore. No power, no water, no fuel, no grocery stores opened yet. Shit wireless and nav is fucked having you drive to your death into a river that does not exist on any map. Massive amounts of road closures. We spent 3 hours driving 36 miles only to turn around. Total fucking nightmare.


Holy hell, man, that sounds straight out of a horror story. On a lighter note, I’ve seen some videos of people seizing the opportunity to body-board inflatable beds. Hope your gf/your families are safe and have enough supplies for the time being. :beers:

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please be careful, I know tensions are extremely high right now, wishing you and your inlaws the best while getting through these tribulations and the speediest recovery for their home and damages.

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damn, I just remembered now I think Craig is in Texas…

Man, that is incredible. Really puts things in perspective… our biggest challenges here have been five hours of no power, a few hours of yard debris cleanup and finding a fast food restaurant or UPS Store that’s open.

You definitely win Son-in-Law of the Year.

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I thought @craig was in Europe…

Aye. @captain8, I was in Texas for vacation (well, seeing my in-laws, I wouldn’t visit it out of choice), now based in France.


All major routes north in SW Florida are essentially closed right now unless you can get access to surface roads that takes you through the middle of the state. At this point I’m guessing supplies are being routed all the way around the state via Miami or are coming in by air. Something real big happened last night around North Port. We saw 4 or 5 dozen police and a convoy of 13 ambulances. I was wondering if a plane crashed or something because this was no normal response to a “road closure”. It was mind boggling. It looks like the next few days are going to be positively grim. I brought down a generator and a small room AC for the in laws to try to help them be a little more comfortable in an absolutely terrible situation. I lived here since the mid '80s and this is without question the worst I’ve personally experienced. We’re told this was a 500 year flood and it’s not done yet.


My wife and her family lived through Hurricane Andrew in Miami, and she thinks in some ways Ian was worse… much bigger storm impacting a much larger area. Andrew was incredible because it brought 200 tornadoes along with sustained 145+ mph winds localized into one metropolitan area… for comparison the eye of Ian ALONE was bigger than the entire storm and destruction path of Andrew.

Stay safe man!


Wow, man, your side sounds brutal, and I can’t even fathom what it’s like to even be there during such a disastrous event. Also, I’m not sure if this will be of any help/use to you or anyone else reading from Florida, but there is a sub on reddit that may provide you with some current area specific info/posts or about local/federal government aid.

There is also a specific sub to hurricane Ian, but it still appears to be a new sub with low member count, as opposed to the one above.


Years back I sold a Boards of Canada Aquarius 7” on eBay to a guy in New Orleans. I was just about to post it (I’m in the UK), and realise that Hurricane Katrina was happening at the same time, so I check the address and his house was right next to where one of the levees failed and was totally underwater. I managed to get in touch, and he had luckily got out to Huston, so we rearranged the postage. I felt really sorry for the guy as apparently he’d lost everything (records included), but lucky to get out with his life, and all the eBay stuff felt really superficial considering the circumstances. The USA really does have a hard time with extreme weather and it’s really hard to comprehend from a UK perspective. The worse we get is a cat stuck up a tree from a gale or some leaves on the line (good Lego feet track on SKAM btw :slightly_smiling_face: ).


Isla Instruments are built and based in Florida. Any news if they have been affected?

Wow. Sorry to hear. We were just in sanibel about a month ago and had found our favorite vacation spot. Surely gone now. This all sucks.

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Can’t imagine that there would be anything of Sanibel Island left. Good friends of ours vacation there every year and I’m sure the beachside cottages where they stay are floating in the gulf somewhere. Really hope none of the residents attempted to ride it out…

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