Korg Electribe 2, has anyone installed the Hacktribe OS?

I really want to install the Hacktribe OS but the GitHub instructions seem pretty scary and I don’t want to brick my unit. Has anyone here successfully done it? Was it hard?

Also, here’s me dicking around on my E2 from last night. :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/vUC7T6_gbMU


I have not done it, I had not seen it until I saw this thread, I guess you have to weigh up if the added sampler and some extra fx are worth it, personally not for me. I had the sampler version and it was pretty crap, poor sample management, limited editing and a bit of a pain to use IMHO. I much prefer the synth version, and doubt I’d ever use the sampler aspect, the extra fx are nice but not worth potentially bricking the e2, even though it seems recoverable the amount of steps to install it put me off.

If they just had an image file to put on the SD I might be tempted to try it, but I can’t be bothered to go through the steps needed at present.

I’d be interested to see what you think of it if you do decide to do yours though :slight_smile:


Oh man, I feel exactly the same way! Hahaha! If it was just a file I could easily load — I’d totally be game.

I talked with the programmer early on and asked if he was planning to add a quick transpose feature like on the older Electribes and he said that was one of the original reasons he started the project.

If they’re able to get that sorted I think I’ll have to try and install it.

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I’ve installed it onto my old grey synth electribe. Did it using Lubuntu on an ancient laptop and just followed the instructions. Automatic patch didn’t work for me but patching manually did. No problems so far and I’m especially enjoying using the electribe as a stereo multi-fx. I think they have plans for future versions to be the full synth version plus sampling.

Wasn’t hard to do at all. I just needed to install git and python on the laptop. Then just copy/pasted the code etc.


I think @chaocrator has installed it maybe?

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Thanks, Looper. That’s a great confidence booster! I’m mainly just scared because I have no background in coding. The few times I’ve had to use Python in the past my head was spinning. Hahaha!

I don’t know coding either. I can copy/paste code into a console and that’s about it.


Previously on Elektronauts:


Someone here must! I have the grey version as well though. Unrelated, your profile pic is really great!

OK, that sounds at about my skill level. I’ll give it a go. Hahaha!

yes, i did.

Hacktribe brings all types of filters available in synth version, and extra VA/FM osillators.

the downside (for now) is that Hacktribe installed on E2 synth does not have access to ROM waveforms yet – however…

when E2 is stuffed with drum sounds carefully selected by me, i like it much more.

since technically Hacktribe is a binary patch that modifies original firmware, i suspect they can’t distrubute it as a ready-to-use image for legal reasons.

yeah, patching procedure is a breeze for average Linux user.


@Shoontz - Great job on your vid.

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Thank you so much, Boricua! When I get the HackTribe OS up and running I’ll do another. :slight_smile:

I am a “newbie” when it come to the E2 (Blue) since I just got it a couple of months back. Still trying to learn its functionality. I am also interested in the “Hacktribe” conversion, yet, also interested in a more stable FW for such, plus, I’d like to see a Mac alternative (right now only Linux & PC).

Any tips for a newbie certainly welcomed. Thank you!

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I have installed it and it was pretty simple.
The real things you need to know :

All your e2 synth project will be basically not useable with the new firmware, because this new firmware won’t have access to the e2 synth sound anymore. You need to see it as a completely blank machine after doing FW upgrade. it’s not a e2 synth anymore, but more a e2 sampler. So backup all your SD card and project before taking the jump

You have access to a really wider “e2 synth” than before. Basically, you keep all the basic waveform, but have access to patch with a +2 +5 semitone, which is definitely a good thing. Some of the patch have FM, which is fun. And yes you can sample and use it as a e2 sampler basically, but with much more power.

If you feed it with the right sample, it is a good thing, because after few years, the e2 synth sample are… Not my taste anymore.
If you want to go back to your old project… That’s a definitive no.

I really thanks this developper to have done that, it make this e2 came back to life for me :slight_smile:

Last, if you want the FW I can give it to you.
Don’t know if there is private message here, but I should be able to give it to you if you share your email in a way you won’t be spammed.


Had a chance to convert my E2 (Blue) and went well. A BIG shoutout to @yoyz2k for his support, much appreciated!

BTW, did the E2 Sampler (Red) come with factory samples (or with a set of free starter samples, WAV files)? If so, does anyone know where can I find such? Thank you.


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is it possible that you send me a copy of the hactribe firmware to my mail, ramiroaquiles90@gmail.com, thanks!!


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OMG, yoyz2k, could you possibly hook me up as well? I have the grey Electribe. My email address is just my username @gmail.com. Fingers crossed!

Bought a red sampler Electribe a while back and barely used it yet. Was thinking of selling it recently but this new OS has caught my attention.

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