Looking for an alternative to OT

I just need a very small amount of OT’s features (mostly live sample mangling), and crave the option to record each track separately (think AK).
I’ve done quite a bit of research, but haven’t found any alternative portable box.

There is nothing I can think of, go with OT, spend time with it and you will be rewarded!


Like I said though, I’m craving the option to have a distinct output for each track, so I can record my sessions into a DAW and edit it properly afterwards.

DT? And then process the fx portion and LFOs inside your DAW?

Or wait for the AR mk2- and you get synthesis with it

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Maybe mpc live as that has four individual outs, but sample mangling is not as productive I’m afraid. Depends what you require the most, shame the be OT does not support overbridge, that would be ideal for your needs and prob thousands of other people, apparently the digitakt will have 8 tracks out on overbridge once finished.

Push 2 in slice mode. The biggest reason why I like the OT is the slicing and 3 LFOs per a track. It’s easy to slice and remix a track on push 2 and maschine but 3 LFOs per track can lead to some experimental stuff.

There are my bread and butter breakbeats and loops that I know what to do with in Push 2 and maschine, but if you spend time with the LFO and rando, slices you can make a whole different instrument track out of it.

Thanks for your replies!
As for DT/AR: neither is made for longer melodic samples unfortunately, and neither for creative sample mangling.
I’m aware of OT’s insane capabilities, but w/o the means to record each track distinctly into my DAW, I’ll have to spend ages arranging and editing my songs :-/ And I love getting as much as possible done without using a PC :slight_smile:

Yep. That’s the dilemma. Nothing can do what the OT can do but the OT can’t record it on separate tracks.
I was hoping MK2 would fix that somehow, be it OB or extra RAM or some kind of digital out or simple soundcard functionality. But nope.

Push 2 with Max 4 Live LFO’s can give you unlimited LFO’s per track.
Really powerful stuff


Whoa. I got max4live gonna do that tonight. Thank you


Yep assign them to absolutely any parameter, either instrument or effect.
It’s mental

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Depending on the complexity of your performance you might get this only from a MPC Live or X.

You could also try to live with four OT mono-outs and re-create the stereo field later in your DAW … ?


nb You can do all this too with a Push 1! Cheap to pick up second hand

You mean OT’s two main and cue outs can be assigned and split up to let’s say track 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, and 7+8 (each being mono) for recording into the DAW?
That would actually be very interesting!

Can you give me a resource that explains the process?

Man … Octatrack… What a beast of an instrument. Do not sell it - as mentioned above use the CUE outs in conjunction with the Main output.

Am not in front of my OT right now but if you go into settings and and change the mode to show CUE levels you can choose whether each track goes to Master/CUE or both by dialing in the volume level… worst case you can also mute channels and record main outputs 1 by 1… tedious but still works.

However, dont think you can assign tracks to each individual mono out of Master or CUE – unless you can pan the tracks hard left/right (not tried it before…)

Don’t sell your OT, you will regret it later.

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I was referring to M4l lfos, basically making the point that you don’t red a push 2 to control the M4l plugins

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You can pan hard left/right for 4 mono outputs, no problem.


That’s great news. :slight_smile: learn something new every day.