Mc-707 / TR8S sample questions

Couple of questions about sample handling in the Mc-707 and TR8S.


Drum tracks with 16 different samples - can you edit volume, pan, filter etc per pad/sample?

Filter: what option do you get to control filter? ADSR? EG? Etc? Or just manual cutoff? Is it per pad or per track?


Does it have drum tracks too, with 16 different samples on one track? Can you edit pan, vol, filter etc per sample?

How is the filter controlled? ADSR, EG, manual etc?

Can it chop samples like 707?

I’m looking for a fun simple machine that can handle samples like an MPC, but sequence like an xox.

I know TR8S doesn’t sample. But can import.

Tried Toraiz. Didn’t like it. Electribe Sampler could be a cheap alternative - same questions for that if anyone uses one.


One sample or ACB sound per track. Pan, volume filter per track.

Filter with envelope on sample instruments only. AD envelope. Fixed HP or LP filter available as an effect on all tracks (no envelope but can be modulated).

No sample slicing. Start and end point only.

Thanks, really helpful. Anyone comment on my 707 questions?

Electribe ESX-1. (Had one, loved it)
Digitakt? (Never used one, people seem to like it)

Had ESX1 previously. Not keen.

Digitakt would be awesome if stereo. But mono is no go. You just can’t make up for what you loose in the stereo field from old recordings, working in mono.

Tried OT - 3 times. Way too complicated for simple sampling duties.


Fair enough. I have never understood that notion myself. Ive had an OT for 5 years.

My girlfriend has an electribe sampler, while you cant sample directly into it, you can import your own samples, and it does stereo. It doesn’t suit my needs personally, but it is a great machine, lots of fun, very nice sound if you put the time in.

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Yeah interested in this as an alternative. What are the filter controls like? Comparatively cheap too.

Well theres a big cutt off knob, and a small resonance knob. Then, same as the old electribe, a bipolar AD envelope that can be assigned to the filter, with an amount knob. Filter itself has a decent sound, much nicer than the ESX1. Its multi mode, HP LP and BP. Pretty basic, but does the job.

Thanks. Anyone know if there’s a 12 dB LPF on the 707?

Hi guys! Can the user samples on TR8s be previewed before loading? Many Thanks!!
(If not… can at least be erased the ones that are not used, not to overload the memory?)

FWIW, the new Electribe Sampler absolutely is a real sampler that you can record audio directly into (it just uses a single 3.5mm stereo input for this instead of two quarter inch inputs). It samples in mono and stereo. But you can also load sounds onto the SD card.

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Cool thanks, she seems to reckon it cant.

To me it isn’t an obvious feature because of the 3.5mm input. But I did look it up to be sure before I posted : )

Not sure what you mean, you can scroll through samples and play them from the track buttons to choose a sample.
Samples are loaded onto the unit via computer.
Memory is dependant on your SD card.

I mean preview samples in TR8s before importing them from the card.
Like maybe you don’t need a certain sample, but if u don t hear it you don t know before importing it from the card.

(Also once they are imported from the card in TR8s, can they be erased from its memory)

Its probably in the manual. (Free to download on roland website)

Im not sure, I really only use the ACB sounds and new FM voices. Havent bothered with the sample side of things.

Yes, you can. There are two stages to getting a user sample into the 8S. First you need to import it, and then you need to assign it to a track. At the import stage, when browsing your sample folder, you can press the SAMPLE button to preview the file. Once a sample is imported, the velocity pad will play it as soon as it’s selected - in fact, I think selecting it simply assigns it instantly to the track. But either way, there’s a preview option with both stages.

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Thank you!!

Is there a way to set every knob from a channel to control whatever parameter we want?(TR8s)

Do you mean from an external midi control?
No, the midi implementation on TR8-S is limited. Chart can be found online.

Internally, the control knob can be assigned to different paramters depending on which engine is selected on that track : ACB, Sample, FM.

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