Me and my Fusion System

So as most of you know, I’ve just bough an Erica Synths Fusion System 2 and I can confirm it’s an absolute fucking beast.
As this is my first proper adventure in CV hipsterland I thought it might be funny to document my learning process.

Here’s my first jam with it. I have little to no idea what’s happening here, the modulator module is fucking mental, nothing does what you think it’s going to do, which is great. Full disclosure, there is a little assistance here from my Lyra 8 and Quadraverb.

I’ll keep posting stuff here so you can see how things develop, which will either work as an advert for Erica Synths and make me rich or it will serve as a warning to other knobheads with GAS issues.


Well that escalated quickly :wink:



Didn’t you get enough mockage in that other thread? Poser twat.



I for one am gonna love seeing you progress with this system

But might it be possible for video so we can see the patch itself? For me that would be awesome!

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I thought the mocking needed to be consolidated into one easy thread.

I’ll see what I can do.


Oh god no. Its happening. Fin, what happened?


Please start the video by saying ‘hi, I’m Fin25, it’s good to have you back’


Lol this post will be my new go to place for a laugh! ( not because of you @Fin25, because of everyone pulling your leg)

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I was thinking more along the lines of posting a picture of the patch. I’ve never been one for messing about with videos of myself.

I am a fucking stunner though, so…


Bollocks. you just want to show of your neck beard and OG starwars figures.


Given the state of my life at the minute it would be more like toilet duck and suspect nappies.


There you go!
Thats your first modular EP name.


Also, I remember some video where Hainbach got a bunch of other YouTube guys to read out all their YouTube comments on tape so he could Basinsky the shit out of them.
One of the guys got a load of shit about the state of his hands and as far as I could see there was nothing wrong with his hands.

My hands look like the fake hands you buy at motorway services at Halloween. I’m pretty sure YouTube would not deal with them well.


How about you start a Youtube channel and make them look like one of those very clean, very much DAW-based videos BUT when you get to the actual music, you hit them with those SunnO))) in the living room patches and photosensitive images!

I think that would go over well and make you rich.

The patch in the video above is actually a lot more subtle and polite than I thought it would be. Might I say beautiful.


Yeah really nice patch and recording.

I have a fusion system (the mk1) I got it as an entry to euro and also cause its a bit different fun to play with. I’ve found theres more people that have them than I initially expected too.

Youtube is great for people doing music I think, if you want people to listen to your music. People are more willing to watch someone play something that just listen on soundcloud or whatever.

I made a video like just earlier this week on how i approach patching up drones, hope you dont mind me posting it here.


Sounds like effort though. Will probably just stick to my little kaleidoscope done in 5 minutes video hellscapes.

That’s what I’m hoping I can get from it, really subtle but still nasty. Obviously it can doom the shit out of it and there’s plenty of time for that, but I think the best way to learn about it is to try to find the subtleties within it. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

Post away. I like it. The more the merrier.

This is true, I think. There are VERY easy ways to doom and reverberate the shit out of everything on basically any synth or system. Maybe it sounds good, maybe it doesn’t but that usually doesn’t help you learn anything.

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Don’t worry, the Fusion system dooms up real nice, but I’ll get to that later on.
It’s amazing how much skronk it has with barely any drive through the tubes. Once you start driving the tubes though…



This thread is annoying. I just discovered the drone mode on my db-01 and then you post this. Of course, I’m now deep into the YouTube rabbit hole of the Erica systems.


Real nice, like @korpinen said above, it’s actually pretty subtle.
Is that all coming exclusively from the Fusion System, or are there other machines involved?