MIDI controllers with NRPN?

Hey guys,

I’m on a quest to find the best midi controller for the A4 MKI.

Main function would be controlling the A4s internal mixer, which means I need control over:

  • Track 1-4 volume (responding to CC)
  • Ext In volumes nested in FX track (responding to NPRN)
  • FX of all of those tracks (with the Ext In FX again only responding to NPRN)

That’d make control over 6 audio tracks so my ideal controller would have 6 faders, 6 mute buttons and 3 knobs per fader.

The closest thing that I’ve found so far is the Faderfox UC4 but it lacks a few knobs (I would not like to browse through pages) and is hard to get in the country I’m living in currently.

Layout wise the Launch Control XL is close to perfect but it lacks NPRN functionality.

I would also consider iPad apps but again didn’t find anything that just naturally sends out NPRN. I own Lemur but a quick research didn’t reveal a way to send NPRNs or their CC equivalent without some serious scripting.

My goal is to have an A4 based setup with additional 2 synths that go into the A4 for mixing and FX plus a drum machine that runs parallel into a separate mixer.

Any ideas anyone? Cheers!

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Did you have a look at www.kenton.co.uk ?
Have a 16 sliders version (which I am selling cheap) and recently got the Live version (16 knobs).
These are really good controllers. NRPN, MSB, LSB, SysEx, CCs…
Can send multiple commands with various CCs at the same time on various MIDI channels.
Worth a look for the price (90€ for the knob version)

Hey, thanks for your reply!

I just checked the website and only found the Killamix (16 knobs) for 300 GBP. I’d really like to have a combo of faders and knobs though.

That Kenton stuff looks sexy though :slight_smile:

edit: it’s 9 knobs on the Killamix

Kenton Studio edition (16 sliders + 16 buttons + 4 function keys)
Selling mine :wink:

Check out controllers by Faderfox … they provide NRPN

example: http://www.faderfox.de/ec4.html

hhaha OK!

Well it’s a bit of an overkill for my purpose. Also I live in China and shipping is always a hassle.

Appreciate it though!

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Yeah I’m aware of those. The UC4 is close but lacks a few knobs.

Strongest contender so far though.

Check out the ones with more knobs …



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Yeah they’re gorgeous…

And same form factor as MKI. Some even have templates for the A4

I’d probably get one if they were available in the country I’m living in.

Cheap old one : UC33

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Arturia Beatstep in controller mode definitely does it. (not sure about Pro, but should too, and probably others from Arturia controllers line too — look at their documentation).

if we talk about older machines — Novation Remote SL series, both Mk1 & Mk2

Hah totally forgot about that one.

Yes, ticks all the boxes. Maybe I can find a used one here.


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BCR/BCF2000 can also send NRPN IIRC…


Does this mean my good old UC33 has better MIDI integration than the midi side of all my Elektron boxes?

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Yes, they do.

What do you mean?

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Have you ever tried to control NPRN parameters of another device with Elektron MiDi? How many knobs/parameters does ONE NPRN use … 3? 4?

Never tried, but A4/AR can send NRPN. :slight_smile:
You can set output to CC or NRPN.

Edit, also the Digis can do that.


Uhh… where can I read about it?

It’s in the manual. You just configure if the knobs send cc or nrpn.

I think you’re confusing some stuff there. :slight_smile:


Could be… I only remember wanting to control some parameters on the PEAK and it was super annoying… the super fine resolution parameters - isn‘t that NPRN?

„ Unlike other MIDI controllers (such as velocity, modulation, volume, etc.), NRPNs require more than one item of controller data to be sent. First, controller 99 - NRPN Most Significant Byte (MSB) - followed by 98 - NRPN Least Significant Byte (LSB) sent as a pair specify the parameter to be changed. Controller 6 then sets the value of the relevant parameter. Controller 38 may optionally then be sent as a fine adjustment to the value set by controller“