Model Cycles & Samples, Headphones/Mixer

Just got a Model:Cycles and I’m pleasently surprised. This thing is far more powerful than I thought it would be. It sounds very good. And I do like the aesthetics as well (I know, not everybody does).

Now I’m thinking about getting a Model:Samples as well. And here comes the issue. As long as I only have one of the Models, it’s pretty straightforward to make music and listen via Headphones. But how do you deal with 2 of these machines? Of course I could use a (mini-/micro)mixer. But do I really need to buy one of these in order to connect the Models? No other option than that (and possibly an audio interface)?

To be honest, I personally think it’s pretty weird selling these machines without an option to easily connect them together – I mean in a portable, nice way (without a shi**y plastic cheap bad sounding china imported mixer). I’m actually close to buying a 1010 Bluebox for this. A bit stupid though, because I don’t need most of the features (though I might learn to need them when I have it).

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I have the same dilemma. If I expand from M:C to add an M:S I’m inevitably looking at buying a mixer and if I want to use the same keyboard with both, then I’m also looking at adding a midi split/merge utility of some sort (or swapping cables/fiddling with configuration a lot).

For this reason I’m considering a 1010 BlackBox instead, which I think gets round both requirements, while still giving me a set up that’s easy to take to the park.


Just get a Mackie 402VLZ or equivalent, will give you a decent headphone amp and RCA in/out for audio interfacing.

If you want something no-compromise with some room to expand that’s also an iOS and DAW interface, take a long look at the Radial Key Largo.


I bought a small Rolls mixer for about $80. Made in the US, good build quality and sound, battery option. I’ve already outgrown it but it will still come in handy for little setups.

The Radial Key Largo looks very interesting indeed. So thanks for that hint – I didn’t come across that one so far.

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Thanks. I’ve read some bad reviews on the Rolls (with regards to humming) – but yes, definitely an option (although the stereo option is around € 150 here).

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I think what people don’t realize with the Rolls is that the knobs at midpoint are 100% and above that is gain. They crank them all the way up and then they can hear noise.

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Which Rolls mixer … this one ?

No, that is passive, and I worried about attenuation. I bought the MX44.

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I do not own a M:S just a M:C so i’ve never tried this before but i know the M:C can take in audio over usb hence the trim settings in the settings menu so if the M:S can do audio over usb just like the M:C than isn’t it possible to feed audio from one to the other via a simple usb cable and monitor them both with one headphone out?

No. Both are USB peripheral devices and therefore need to be connected to a USB host (such as a computer).


That’s an interesting idea as well. I recently asked Elektron about connecting the M:C and M:S and they said a Mixer is necessary. So my assumption would be that this is not possible. Question is: has anyone ever tried? Because from a theroetical perspective, it sounds reasonable.

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Yeah i figured this would not be an option because then people would be all over it and i’ve never seen anybody post about it. But at the same time i don’t understand why it’s not possible and i really don’t understand why the made the option of USB audio in if not for this reason.

You can read some basic information about how USB works here:

It’s a nice option to have for people who use computer audio as well as a M:S or M:C, in some cases saving on the need for a basic audio interface.

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To be honest, there’s a lot of gear that gives the possibility of audio in. It would be more expensive though.

To be honest, that’s not how audio over usb works.

Sorry for feeling a bit sassy for a moment. But sometimes people can expect (demand) so much from things/others, even when uninformed / unrealistic / impossible.

The models are actually quite impressively spec’d for their price point. But you’ll have to make do with their limitations:)

Fair point! Thinking of getting a Digitakt/Digitone-Combo instead. Maybe that´s the idea of Elektron in the first place: Limiting the Model series to make people buy the other products (no offense meant). Might work with me.


Totally agree with that. IMHO these machines are quite impressive. It’s just a bummer that there’s no easy, portable connection. But yeah, so much to love about this gear.


Will those really drive headphones ?

| Output Impedance | 1k – 4k Ω |
| Insertion Loss | 12dB (typical) |

Octatrack is a great Mixer :wink: and does so much more to such a setup :wink:


Deleting my comment. I think you’re right! I’m not using mine in that application, but my comment comes from a vid of someone using it as a headphone splitter. I’m guessing that they must have had some sort of amplifier between the mixer and phones