Model:Samples only music

Just Model:Samples… :slight_smile: Thought maybe there should be one of these threads for M:S.


I’m really enjoying these. You’ve manage to eek a lot out of that little box…


Thanks! It’s a lot of fun. I’m typically compelled to make multiple patterns on the Digis, and then sequence the patterns by hand. On the M:S, I like to do a 64 note pattern, (with a couple of tracks on smaller sub-16 step sequences) strategically place some conditions, and then do a lot of fiddling/twiddling of knobs, and tapping things in on the pads. This is the first device that I’ve had with pads that I’ve really enjoyed using them on. It’s really a hands on little box, and that’s something I find fun and different. I tend to do more of a mix of playing and programming on the others. It’s also good to have some fun source material to play with. Sounds like you’ve loaded yours up with plenty of that too. :smiley: I think it also helps if you’re making music that can benefit from long delays as it really creates an illusion of more voices, or at least thicker ones. A bit reducer with dedicated knob might have been a nice addition to the M:S, but I can do that via other methods.

Last night’s setup: (just recording stereo into Reaper)


Just a mess about


wicked wickfut

are those stock sounds or tweaks of stock sounds or new sounds you put in?

It’s a chopped up Amen break , some arab wailing song snippet and a stab nicked from god knows where.

so your own sounds?

If so

THAT shows the true potential in this unit.

I imagine this things as easy to program as a korg es1 even?

This is my first effort on the M:S - apologies if it’s not allowed here as i also have the TB-03/KP2 involved.

The hands on nature of the M:S running through and combined with the mini koass pad is really, really fun - highly recommended. I’m still finding my feet with the workflow on the M:S…trig conditions are great for drums but i don’t find them really musical/helpful for melodic phrases, but it sure is a fun ‘jamming’ box - which is what i want from it.


A little track I put together with the Model:Samples only. I’m quite enjoying this instrument, so far.



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Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice, I really like it.

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I wouldn’t mind posting in here but I’m new and not sure how to post under this thread. Do you just reply to this comment? I have few posts on my YouTube and Instagram

We look forward to you posting your music in whatever format you have.


Thanks, that’s very nice of you to say. I appreciate it.

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Here is a beat i jammed out last night. Fairly pleased with this one, much better than my previous effort.

Any comments, good or bad are welcome!


I like it. Are you streaming I’ve not tried that yet, forgive me if you’re not streaming it seems really useful.

Here is Short Jam with the Model Samples, Digitakt and Digitone but the one before it is mostly Model Samples.


thank you.

I’m not streaming no. i record directly to my iphone using the Roland Go Mixer, and then edit the video in imovie before uploading to youtube.