Moog Sub 37

3 Pages for the Roland Aira TR08 and none for the new Moog?

Wow, a paraphonic version of the sub phatty? Quiet… maybe because nobody doubts that this thing will be the business…??

Official and unfrosted preview. Elektron, take notice! :wink:


The ARP and Two Mod Sources will be most welcome. The Sub Phatty sounds great, this looks really sweet.

Now if if they had it available in rack/desktop form factor…

Those will come the following year…

Wow, this Sub37 looks to be just what I was waiting for from Moog. Before the release of the Sub Phatty, I was really hoping it was a “Little Knobby” as in a Little Phatty with knob per function. (The layout of the LP has always hampered my sound design workflow. not being able to tweak filter cutoff and resonance at once, or multiple envelope parameters is a total drag)

Then came the Sub Phatty, a knob for everything but they shrunk it to 25 keys. I could live with only 16 patches memory because to me the lack of knobs on the LP is why it NEEDS 99 patches of memory. But having at least 3 octaves IMO is crucial when u rocking a moog. (I much prefer to ‘play’ moogs than sequence them.)

Now this Sub37 is what’s up…3 octaves like my LP, and a knob for everything!

anyone heard anything on price?

can someone explain to me paraphonic? I’ve only had mono synths and poly synths. para?

Apparently the Sub37 allows two different notes to play at the same time, and they share the same filter and envelope.

Any electronic instrument that can produce multiple notes or voices but shares a common element is technically paraphonic.
The Korg Poly 800 is probably one of the better known examples (where all 8 voices share a single filter). Technically a voice on the A4 that uses the sub OSC tuned a 5th below with the sec on oscillator tuned above the root pitch of the first to create a triad is also a paraphonic voice as it shares a common AMP/Filter/Synthesis Structure.
The new Waldorf Pulse 2 is also paraphonic - although the oscillator can play chords the actually voicing architecture from that point on is shared by a common element.

I live about a half an hour from the moog factory. Might need to go see this in person!
Looks very cool,
…but saving for a Make Noise modular system at the moment.

I love my SubPhatty…but i dislike the short keyboard and the “hidden functions”. With the Sub37 they pretty much eliminate all my complains, plus add a second mod and lfo and an arp! Me want!

Someone wants my SubPhatty and Novation Bass Station 2?

Those will come the following year…[/quote]
Is that a hunch? Or official word?
This Sub 37 has made my choice whether or not to invest in the Analog Keys a little more difficult. Especially when I just bought the sub phatty last week to try out with the plan of returning to the store to upgrade to AK. But I love the sound of it. AK and Sub 37 desktop would be the answer.

Just a hunch but that is how they usually market the product… A4 for example…

I think it’ll be a longer wait for a Sub Phatty module than just a year.

I’m thinking of how long it took for Moog Music to introduce the Slim Phatty - I think it was several years after the original Little Phatty keyboard model hit the market.

Some people have argued that the Sub Phatty is so small, it should be treated like a module. Want more than 25 keys? Just MIDI up a longer keyboard. :joy:

Yea I was thinking more than a year. Maybe we’ll see a lot more 2nd hand Sub Phatty’s going on ebay now :slight_smile:

Two poly-chained SE Boomstar 5089s would pobably be more interesting.

Need $$$ so bad. If elektron had’t just dropped the pad box I’d be all over this.

this could be Moog’s best synth in years… very impressed…